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Awesome Technology Solutions To Eliminate Daily Struggles

Technology, by definition, is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. We see this in action through medical advancements, new inventions and other large-scale industry actions, such as cloud computing companies. However, nothing sometimes new technology is devised solely in response to our day-to-day aggravations. Below is our top six pick of the coolest technology solutions to life’s little ... Read More »

Top IT Resume Keywords To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Getting a job in Information Technology requires a strong education. Going to school for computer science or other technology-related subjects will be the foundation of your career. Additional experience working with that technology is also vital. However, there are many more things in your IT resume that can also boost your chances of getting a job. For example, key words ... Read More »

7 Unique Ways To Hover Around Using Technology Driven Wheels

Teleportation still does not exist, at least not yet. However, that does not mean that technology has not made a huge impact on travel over the past few years. Thanks to some creative minds and talented engineers, we have a variety of cool and quirky ways to get around these days. Everything from self-driving cars to an electric unicycle called ... Read More »

The Bitcoin Sectors Benefiting Most From New Blockchain Technology

In addition to revolutionizing the technology industry, Bitcoin has definitely shaken up the financial services and banking industries quite a lot too. The introduction of a deregulated and decentralized currency that is solely backed up by its users has been seen as a hope by the regular consumers and as a major thread by the world’s banking systems. Not only ... Read More »

Get Oracle Certification By Using These 4 Easy Steps For IT Professionals

Oracle is a multinational software company that primarily focuses on enterprise software, cloud technology and database software. In addition to developing these products, Oracle also runs Oracle University. Oracle University is designed to assist users in completing the Oracle Certification Program. This program assesses the proficiency of individuals when using Oracle products. Oracle certification can be a great boost for ... Read More »

Biotech Operating System Offers Reliable Linux Options For Business

Nuron Biotech Inc. is a company that develops special biologics, microparticles, and vaccines for medical issues such as multiple sclerosis and influenza. The Nuron Biotech website is powered by an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution called CentOS. Finding a good, reliable operating system is imperative for companies like Nuron Biotech. While they are making medical discoveries that could change the world, CentOS ... Read More »

How To Buy 1000 Base T-Devices For Gigabit Connection Speeds

A 1000Base-T is a type of Ethernet technology that uses copper cables as a medium to achieve a gigabit data rate. The “1000” represents the transmission speed of 1000 megabits per second. These devices are often used in data centers for server switching, uplinks from desktop computer  switches or directly with broadband applications to improve the delivery of your Adobe ... Read More »

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