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Biotech Operating System Offers Reliable Linux Options For Business

Nuron Biotech Inc. is a company that develops special biologics, microparticles, and vaccines for medical issues such as multiple sclerosis and influenza. The Nuron Biotech website is powered by an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution called CentOS. Finding a good, reliable operating system is imperative for companies like Nuron Biotech. While they are making medical discoveries that could change the world, CentOS ... Read More »

How To Buy 1000 Base T-Devices For Gigabit Connection Speeds

A 1000Base-T is a type of Ethernet technology that uses copper cables as a medium to achieve a gigabit data rate. The “1000” represents the transmission speed of 1000 megabits per second. These devices are often used in data centers for server switching, uplinks from desktop computer  switches or directly with broadband applications to improve the delivery of your Adobe ... Read More »

How Top 1970s Plymouth Models Could Be Improved With New Tech

The 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda is a colorful coupe that captured the hearts of car enthusiasts in the 1970s. Although these muscle cars have been out of action for a few decades now, there are still some collectibles floating around. Websites like Hemmings, Classic Autotraders and Classic Cars are listing 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda cars for sale today. That got ... Read More »

Ways Microparticles Revolutionize Pharmacology For Better Medical Care

When people think of technology’s rapid improvement, they often think of the latest iPhone, 3D television or best antivirus of 2016. However, technology has helped to produce much more than that. Today, technology is helping to improve travel, home security and even healthcare. If you are interested in learning more about how technology is making these improvements, keep reading below. ... Read More »

NIST NVLAP Certification Improves Laboratory Credibility Exponentially

NVLAP stands for National Voluntary Lab Accreditation Program. This program is run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NVLAP accreditation is available, though not required, for school, commercial and federal laboratories. If you run a business that utilizes a lab space, you may want to look into having your laboratory accredited by the NVLAP, just as you would ... Read More »

4 VAX Computer Models That Revolutionized Science & Technology

VAX stands for Virtual Address eXtension. A VAX computer comes from a line of mid-range server computers from the Digital Equipment Corporation, but you definitely cannot connect one to your wireless printer today. Although the VAX computer line was discontinued in 2000, these devices certainly made their mark on history. Many old VAX systems are still in use despite their ... Read More »

How Obfuscated Code Can Help Developers Maintain Project Integrity

Obfuscated code is a source or machine code that is deliberately written to be difficult for humans to understand. Obfuscated code can be used for a variety of reasons, and there are many pros and cons to the practice. If you write code and are interested in learning more about the benefits and disadvantages of writing obfuscated code, continue reading. ... Read More »

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