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Cisco CCVP Certification Alternatives To Boost Your IT Career


CCVP stands for Cisco Certified Voice Professional. In order to achieve CCVP certification, individuals were required to pass a series of exams. CCVP was a professional certification and many people acquired it to increase their job possibilities. However, CCVP certification is no longer available. Cisco made changes to their CCVP certification in 2010, but many people may not realize the differences. Below is a brief overview of the changes that were made to CCVP and the certification process. If you already have a MCSE certification and are looking to add a Cisco equivalent to your resume, keep reading.


In 2010, Cisco announced that they would be changing the name of CCVP to CCNP. CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional. This change was meant to convey a greater breadth of expertise for certified professionals. Rather than simply having command of VoIP operations, Cisco promotes that all CCNP certified individuals have a validated ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks. If you were uncertain about the changes made between CCVP and CCNP certification, keep this key difference in mind. This will help you determine the best IT strategy for your career advancement.


In order to achieve CCVP certification, individuals had to successfully complete five exams. These five exams included material about voice communications and applications management, among other things. Now, the new CCNP certification only requires people to take three exams: routing, switching and troubleshooting. The certification provided after these exams is valid for up to three years. Alongside the exams, Cisco also offered transitioning help for CCVP certified workers at the time. The transition period allowed people to prepare for the new Oracle applications as well as new CCNP exams, while still maximizing the use of their CCVP certification. Now that the transition period has ended however, Cisco still offers CCNP training for each exam. Whether you need help learning how to implement Cisco IP routing or troubleshooting Cisco IP Networks, each subject is available.


One of the most interesting changes between CCVP certification and CCNP certification seems to be the annual salary of certified individuals in Kings Park and worldwide. According to several pay-grade websites, CCVP certified users earned up to $11,000 more than CCNP professionals in some areas. However, in a majority of jobs, CCNP certified users earned at least $20,000 more than their CCVP certified counterparts. If you were considering a CCNP certification, be sure to do your research. It is possible that you could be earning thousands of dollars more with the proper certification. Regardless of what you want to do, it never hurts to have an extra certification under your belt.

Job Titles

There are several job titles you can fulfill with a CCVP certification. These certifications can help you earn the title of Senior Network Engineer, Network Engineer, Telecommunications Network Engineer, Solutions Architect or IT Manager. All of these different positions can benefit from CCVP certifications. Depending on which position you have, this will also impact the impact CCVP has on your salary. With a CCVP cert, all these positions are at your disposal. Keep this in mind the next time you network at a supercomputing conference.

What Did Not Change

Although there were some significant changes between CCVP and CCNP certification, some key things stayed the same in proving your telepresence knowledge. Most importantly, the prerequisite for certification remained. In order to obtain CCVP certification, individuals first had to achieve CCNA certification. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. As an associate certification, the CCNA is a building block for professional certifications like the CCNP. If you are interested in achieving CCNP certification, you will first have to successfully pass the CCNA certification process.

CCNP Retirement

In addition to retiring CCVP certifications, Cisco has made another move to retire CCNP Voice certifications as of October 20, 2015. If you were considering a CCNP certification as an alternative to the CCVP option, you are out of luck. However, you can now opt to obtain a comprehensive certification from the company. The newest certification, CCNP Collaboration certification, is the perfect transition path for individuals wanting a Cisco certification. This will also have an impact on the Afternic domain names the company uses. Visit the company’s certification exam migration announcement to determine your eligibility for this new CCVP certification alternative.

Entry Level Cisco Certifications

Thanks to all the CCVP certification changes, finding out the best Cisco certification for you has become twenty times more difficult. Allow us to make things easier on you. If you want to gain an entry level certification in Cicso technologies, consider Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification. A CCENT certification is the lowest level of Cisco certification. It only covers the fundamental networking services knowledge required for work in the field. This is the perfect first step towards the more advanced CCNA certification.

Since 2010, Cisco has made many changes and improvements to its certification process. If you are interested in receiving a certification from Cisco for open systems, be sure that you are up to date on the latest requirements and material. If you were looking to receive a CCVP certification, you will have to opt for the CCNP Collaboration certification instead. If you have already taken one or more of these certification exams, let us know what you think about the changes.

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