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Exciting Windows Anniversary Updates Features Improve Funtionality


The Windows 10 anniversary update was released this July. The anniversary update, or Redstone 1 as its referred to internally, came with many Windows live changes and other new advantages for Microsoft consumers. In this post, technology users can discover improvements to Windows 10 that come with the anniversary update.

Paint 3D

The newest Windows 10 Creators updates also features a new version of the traditional Paint program. With Paint 3d, you can create new 3D objects from scratch. This is awesome if you need some new brickshelf inspiration. You can also alter 2D pictures to turn them into 3D structures with just a single click. This is probably one of the most exciting Creators update features for creative and non creative users alike.

Linux Bash Shell

Developers will be happy to hear that the Windows anniversary updates bring the Linux Bash shell to users. This may not be as exciting as the new Audi Q7 features are. However, it is still exciting. Thanks to a partnership with Canonical, the developers behind Ubuntu Linux, developers on Windows can finally use the Bash shell. The Bash shell is powerful enough for running graphical Linux software. It is also powerful enough for Ubuntu’s Unity desktop. This is a huge improvement from the Windows anniversary update that will please developers everywhere.


One feature coming with the Windows 10 anniversary update is improvements to Cortana. Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, is most comparable to Apple’s Siri. Cortana will come with new capabilities. One of which is taking commands before you are even logged into your device. Microsoft users will be able to use voice commands to have Cortana make reminder notes. Cortana will also be able to pull reminder-relevant information from your emails. You will also be able to use Cortana’s voice command to play music. These many exciting advances in Cortana are just one of the improvements expected to come in the anniversary update.

Windows Ink

The original Windows 10 came with OneNote. However, the anniversary update has improved OneNote to Windows Ink. The update aims to make digital note-taking as easy as using a pen and paper. Windows Ink will pair with Microsoft Office. This way you will be able to digitally write and edit documents in whatever color you want, including iPhone champagne color. Windows Ink Workspace will also allow technology users to use the sketchpad, Sticky Notes and sketch on the screen. If you draw a graph or chart, Windows Ink will transform it into a digital figure. Windows Ink is a really exciting part of Redstone 1 to watch out for this summer.

Windows Hello

Improvements to the already-existing Windows Hello are coming with the anniversary update. Windows Hello is a security measure for Microsoft users, very similar to many Elcomsoft alternatives. A high number of people use the same password across different devices and platforms. Hello was created as a solution to the need for improved security. With the anniversary update, users can unlock their PC’s by tapping another Hello-enabled device. Windows Hello was a security feature already available on Windows 10. However, new improvements will be available with the anniversary update.


Gaming features will also be improved with the anniversary update. Users will be able to connect with others gamers using Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. Many new games and apps will also be available in the Windows Store. Cortana will even become your gaming assistant on Xbox One. Cortana will be able to give you gaming tips and tricks. The AI personality will also be able to give you new challenges and recommend games. The new features provided in this anniversary update will change the way Microsoft users play games.

New Dark Theme

The anniversary update will allow Microsoft users to change the color of their desktop themes. With the update, you will finally be able to easily change your theme. If you would like to get rid of the stock Windows 10 theme, all you have to do is visit the computer’s settings. The new stock theme will feature colors like dark blue and black. This option is great for those who find the original theme too bright. A new dark theme option is another feature to expect in the update.

Ad Settings Downgrade

One huge complaint about the most recent Windows anniversary updates, besides the webcam test issues, is the reappearance of Office ads and similar. Prior to the update, you had probably already shut off these annoying ads. However you will find that once you update your computer, these ads will continue to pop up just like they did before your reconfigured your settings. What is even worse is that not only did Windows re-enable these pop ups with the anniversary update, they also took away your ability to customize your ad-settings to be rid of these pop-ups for good. Thankfully, this is the only customization setting that has changed, however. So while Windows anniversary ads may be annoying, it is a small problem that will surely be fixed soon.

There are many really exciting improvements coming to Windows 10 in July. For current Microsoft users who have not yet updated to Windows 10, do so before July to make use of the NEN type features. This way, your update will be free come July. Without a doubt, the anniversary update is sure to gain hype when it is released this summer. Now that you know the features Windows’ update will make available, you will be better prepared for the changes.

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