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5 Best Chatbot Scripts Examples For A Conversational UI

There are several best chatbot scripts examples for a conversational UI. Researchers estimate that well-over 25% of the world will actively use chatbots in the upcoming years. Indeed, many Internet users talk with chatbots to get simple answers, troubleshoot problems or even make an online reservation. As a business owner, you should familiarize yourself with different chatbot script examples you can implement into your website’s UI. This way, your customers can get 24/7 access to quick responses. Read on to learn about the best chatbot scripts examples for a conversational UI experience.

Objective-Related Conversations

First, objective-related conversations is a chatbot script example for a conversational UI. Create objective scripts that can determine whether potential customers are interested in your services. You can write multiple scripts that ask specific questions or send customers to different departments. For example, you can set your bots to say “please choose an item” after a customer picks a merchandise category. Then, the bot can walk them through the purchasing process. Once they click on an item, your bot can say “great! now select your size color.” With this implementation, your customers will think you’re using advanced conversational intelligence technology across your bots. Surely, a great chatbot script example is an objective-related conversation.

Small Talk

Another example of chatbot scripts is small talk conversations fragments. With small talk scripts, your chatbot can start off the conversation and offer assistance. You can set your chatbot to say “how are you doing?” Then, the customer can either answer back or get right into their issue or question. If someone does respond to your small talk, you should have follow-up answers. For example, the chatbot can say “that’s awful, give me one second to solve your issue” when customers are upset with their orders or customer service. Of course, you can implement small talk conversations as an example of chatbot scripts.

Proactive Guide Scripts

Also, proactive guide scripts are great for conversational chatbot UIs. Make sure the chatbot guides the conversations and shows customers the next steps. The bot also must interact and offer relevant advice. For instance, your chatbot script could offer a quick product demo if you specialize in custom software. Or, if you were displaying rail train technology, you could present different developments to the user. Then, the bot can provide a URL link to get the user to the right product page. This way, you can direct the user to type the product they are looking for on your site. Surely, proactive guide scripts are critical for conversational chatbot user interfaces.

Emotional Conversations

More so, emotional conversations are another chatbot script example for your user interface. Identify your target audience and determine what they will find funny or inspirational. For instance, something simple like “great choice” when a client selects a product can have a long-lasting impact. Start anticipating emotions from a few customers to figure out when the right time is to be sympathetic, encouraging, or cheeky. Remember, the chatbot must behave just like humans. Therefore, consider integrating gratitude, empathy, and humor into the chatbot as well. For sure, emotional conversations are one of the best chatbot script examples for an excellent UI.

Scenario-Based Questions

Furthermore, scenario-based questions are another chatbot script example. Create scripts to cover as many topics as possible so customers think your chatbot is willing to answer their requests. For example, you can start with general questions like “how can I help you today?” to show customers that you care. Then, offer specific responses to questions like “how can I pay a bill? or what are your store hours?” This way, your chatbot can always provide your customers with the best solutions that they’re looking for. In fact, you can base your chatbot off question management technology software to provide critical information. Definitely, you should write scenario-based questions as another example of chatbot scripts.

There are several best chatbot scripts examples for a conversational UI. First, write objective-related conversations to determine whether customers are interested in your services. You can also create small talk scripts to start off conversations with customers. In addition, write proactive guide scripts to direct customers to the next steps in your process. More so, you can add emotional conversations to show customers that you care about their issues and want to help. Furthermore, create scenario-based questions to cover various questions, requests and issues. These are the best chatbot scripts examples for a conversational UI.

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