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How To Buy 1000 Base T-Devices For Gigabit Connection Speeds

A 1000Base-T is a type of Ethernet technology that uses copper cables as a medium to achieve a gigabit data rate. The “1000” represents the transmission speed of 1000 megabits per second. These devices are often used in data centers for server switching, uplinks from desktop computer  switches or directly with broadband applications to improve the delivery of your Adobe Spark video. 1000Base-T began rapidly replacing Ethernet for wired local area networks because it is much faster. If you are interested in about the best places and how to buy a 1000Base-T device, keep reading below.


Amazon is a widely used online shopping enterprise. It is well known for having everything you could think of available for purchase, and they definitely do not skimp on electronics like surge absorbers. Amazon has 1000Base-T devices listed on their website from dozens of sellers. The Amazon website allows you to narrow down your search through a series of specifications including budget, customer reviews and transmission speed. If you need to find a specific 1000Base-T device, or if you just want to find one with the best price, turn to Amazon.


The Perle website is a great place to buy any type of gigabit media converters you need. Whether you need low density stand-alone media converters or high density modular chassis, you can find it offered at Perle. They even offer industrial temperature gigabit media converters for those with larger needs like a prebuilt gaming PC. No matter what type of 1000 base t-devices you need, you can find them at Perle.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular electronics store that carries cables, connections, smart TVs and more. One major benefit of purchasing your 1000Base-T device from Best Buy rather than Amazon, is the option to do so in-store. Unlike Amazon, which is strictly an online retailer, Best Buy has a series of stores all over the country. There, you can get assistance from their expert employees. You can also pick up a mover kit there while you are at it. This is a nice advantage if you are uncertain about how to set up your 1000Base-T device. Best Buy employees will point you to the perfect product, and they can help teach you how to use it. If you are in need of guidance, consider purchasing your 1000Base-T device at Best Buy.


You may be surprised to learn that Overstock sells more than just discounted throw pillows, colorful furniture and some of the best headphones under 100. They also have a series of electronics available at a low cost. Overstock sells 1000Base-T devices at a discount. When you buy from them, you can earn rewards, find the perfect electronic device and even get some home shopping done at the same time. Unfortunately, their selection is not vast. There are only five 1000Base-T products available on the website. However, if they happen to have what you need, Overstock is an excellent online retailer to consider patronizing.

Server Supply

Server Supply is another website that sells electronics. Their main focus is to supply you with the quality technology you need to complete your mirror image Photoshop project and more. Their 1000Base-T devices are a bit pricier than you would find on Amazon or Overstock. However, Server Supply makes up for that with their quality Customer Help Center. You can buy the 1000Base-T device you need, and receive excellent advice from experts all on their website. If you are willing to spend the extra money, Server Supply is a great business to purchase your device from.

1000Base-T Devices With Cisco

If you are connecting to 1000Base-T compatible devices with a Cisco hardware product installation, such as servers workstations or routers, you have to use a four twisted pair, Category 5, straight-through cable wired for 1000Base-T capabilities. If you are planning to connect the ports to other devices, like switches or repeaters, it is required that you use a four twisted-pair category 5 or higher crossover cable. These are incredibly crucial details to remember for use during Cisco hardware installation.

Verify That The Device Supports 1000Base-T

You will need the check the specifications on your device to see if it is a 1000Base-T device. These devices should have ethernet ports that support gigabit connections. This type of connection will give you some of the fastest speeds available. Whether you are doing a web cam test, streaming a video or uploading content, the experience should be nearly instant. With the right device, you will have a great connection.

If you are looking for a 1000Base-T device, or even a DB 9 connector, there are plenty of options available to you. Whether you buy it online through Amazon or Overstock, or in store with Best Buy you are guaranteed to get a faster network connection. If you made the switch from Ethernet to a 1000Base-T device, let us know what your experience was like in the comments below.

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