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How To Choose The Right Mobile App Developers For Your Project

So, you’ve come up with a complete game changer of an idea, something that will shift the landscape of technology and everyday life as we know it. Of course, knowing how connected society is these days, you’ve decided to put your idea on display for everyone through various app stores. There’s only one problem – you haven’t got the first clue about how to go about developing it!

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve already got a team of User Experience and User Interface experts at your disposal. For most of us though, we won’t always be presented with the ideal situation. Time is always most important when it comes to technology, so where are you to turn for your mobile app development?

Of course, your first step is to begin with some simple research across the web, but with a literal laundry list of mobile app developers just waiting to take your money and run, how do you know which will be the best for you? Not only that, but which of these mobile app programers can really bring your creative idea to life across mobile platforms?

What Sort of Mobile App Are You Creating?

First and foremost, you’ll want to figure out exactly what it is you’re aiming to create with your vision, as well as which audiences you’re looking to target. Typically, mobile apps will fall into one of three categories:

Native Apps – These apps are developed for a single operating system, thus making them native mobile apps to that OS. The three major operating systems for mobile platforms are iOS, Android, and Windows. These apps are known for their high performance and quality user experience, the only drawback being that they aren’t cross platform.

Hybrid Apps – Hybrid Apps are exactly what they sound like – a mixture of multi-platform technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. These apps are especially fast and relatively easy to develop. However, these apps sometimes suffer from design issues that come from their inability to look exactly the same across multiple platforms.

Web Apps – Also usually written in JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS, Web Apps are software apps that have similar behaviors to native apps. Web apps are run through a browser, and require a minimum amount of memory from your device. The downfall of web apps is their limited access to APIs for developers.

What To Look For When Choosing Mobile App Developers

You’ve figured out which type of app you’ll want to create, so now it’s time to actually dig into your research and figure out which mobile app development company or specialist you’ll need to use. Before building an app, there are certain things to keep in mind throughout your search. These guidelines will help you choose the perfect mobile app programer to bring your idea to the screens of the masses.

How Much Development Do You Need?

You’ll see throughout your search that different mobile app developers will offer you different services. Some companies make it their business to continuously churn out apps at a high level of volume. Usually, these companies will offer the client some sort of template options for their app, then fill in the blanks and go from there. This is great if your app will be simple and to the point.

Of course, if you’ll be needing a bit more detail, it’s best to go a little bit more in-depth in your selection process. Experienced mobile app developers that will build you something custom from the ground up are the best bet if you want your app to include a bunch of advanced features. Another benefit to using a custom developer is that they can tailor your app to your preferred audience, leading to a more fulfilling user experience and ultimately, more users!

What’s Your Platform?

Not every mobile app developer is going to be well versed in every operating system. Some have a focus on iOS, while others prefer Android as their specialty. There’s also plenty that can get the job done, building mobile apps across multiple platforms, so it’s best to put some thought into who you’d like to target before deciding which operating system (or systems) is best for you.

Background Check

As is pretty standard with just about every potential employment, you’ll want to do some digging into the history and background of whoever it is you’re thinking about hiring for your work. The best way to do this is to simply reach out to some prior customers of your chosen mobile app developers. These clients can offer first hand knowledge about the entire experience from start to finish – and might be able to save you some time and aggravation in the process.

Don’t Cut Cost Corners

As tempting as it may be to save a couple of extra bucks throughout the development process, you’ll need to maintain a fine line between savings and skimping. If an offer from a developer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In an industry as fierce as mobile app development, programmers will often over promise ahead of time simply to secure your business. Don’t get caught in this trap where they under deliver! High quality developers will take their time in getting to know you and your project, as well as any goals and benchmarks you’ve set for app performance.


At the end of the day, the developer is working for you. However, it’s important to remember at the same time that the development process is a partnership. A good developer not only will perform the services you ask of them, but will offer their expertise throughout the process as well. Quality developers will offer creative ways to drive revenue and user engagement with your app. Meet with potential developers more than once to see if there’s a good rapport between you and the service. Stay away from anyone that sounds as if they’re just interested in your money and not the success of your product!

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