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4 Factors To Choose The Right Video Converter Software

Looking for the ‘right’ video converter software can be time-consuming. Not only are there a lot of options out there, but each one is different and may come with different features. When you send a video email or create marketing video content, you need to ensure that your format can be used by various programs.

While you should definitely look at the additional features that are offered if they interest you, at the end of the day you probably want a video converter because you want to convert the formats your videos are in. To make sure the one that you choose can do that effectively, there are a few factors that should be a priority:

Supported Input And Output Formats

It is best if your software supports a wide range of input formats, so that you can convert videos from practically any format that you run into. Of course, there is a pretty big difference in the video input that is available, having a real impact on the display and quality. On the other hand the output formats that it supports don’t need to be as diverse, but should include the more popular formats as well as any that you may need specifically.

Presets For Devices And Platforms

While not strictly speaking a ‘necessity’, having presets for various devices and platforms (especially the ones that you use) can be very useful. It will help you to convert videos to the formats that you need much more quickly, and without having to look up the recommended video format and settings in advance.

If you’re converting videos in bulk or to publish online for social video marketing tactics, the right set of presets could help you to save a significant amount of time.

Updates With New Formats

One of the more important factors that is often overlooked is the frequency at which the software is updated, and new formats added to it. Some converters receive updates with new formats more regularly so they can convert videos in new formats that may be released.

On the other hand some converters do not, in which case you may start to find that you’re unable to convert some videos. For example right now it would be a good idea to look for updates that introduce support for the AV1 video format.

Ease Of Use

Considering you’re probably going to be using the video converter software regularly, it helps if it is easy to use. It should have a nice icon design with a navigable layout. A lot of factors can affect how usable a software is, including the user interface, controls, feature design, and so on.

If there is a free trial available you should take advantage of it so you can gauge how user-friendly the software is firsthand. It is worth noting that aside from converter software there are online video converters nowadays that may be just what you need. For example you can see how Online Video Converter can be used to convert video formats at www.videoconverter.com/how-to-convert-avchd-to-mp4.html.

As mentioned previously most software will have other features as well, and you can check them out and see if there’s anything that piques your interest. However your focus should be on making sure the converter you get is able to fulfill its role and convert video formats effectively.

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