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How To Clean Email List Online For Free Without Losing Conversions

There are several steps to clean email lists online for free without losing conversions. When not cleaned for long durations, email lists become bloated. There will be several entries on any given list who simply aren’t interested, and send the emails straight to their spam folders. Therefore, these entries should be periodically removed to improve ROI and reduce costs. As a marketing tech enthusiast, increase click-through as well as open rates while reducing spam by scrubbing your email lists of inactive and inaccurate entries. Read on to discover how to clean email lists online for free without losing conversions.

Determine Why Emails Bounce

Determining the reasons your emails aren’t reaching their recipients is the first step in cleaning email lists online for free. There are several potential reasons for email bounces, and service providers indicate if bounces are hard or soft. Hard bounces designate permanent errors that cause your emails never to reach their recipients. They are often caused by nonexistent domain names or email addresses, and are sometimes blocked by email servers. Soft bounces are the results of temporary errors. Surely, determining hard and soft bounces, as well as the reasons behind them, provides reasoning and direction to the rest of the cleaning process.

Expand List Segmentation

Second, segment your email list into several categories for more organized cleaning processes. There are many metrics to base the segmentation on, such as demographics, engagements, and buying histories. As you know, blogging is important and you can create different lists based on sign up form, incentives or landing pages. However, the most useful metric for cleaning purposes is audience behavior. Segmenting through audience behavior often provides a better visualization of who is and isn’t interested in your brand. This way, you more easily and clearly identify email addresses to clean out of your list. Absolutely, segment your lists through audience behavior to highlight the emails that need to be removed.

Targeted Re-Engagement Campaigns

Targeting inactive subscribers with a re-engagement campaign is the third step in cleaning your email lists online for free. Due to segmentation, you can easily see which subscribers have opened your emails in the past, but don’t anymore. Send them a simple, yes or no email asking if they still want to hear from your brand. If no, they get removed from the list. If yes, start engaging them back with robust content as well as valuable information and incentives. Certainly, target inactive subscribers with re-engagement campaigns to recover inactive list entries.

Check for Potential Spam

Next, checking your lists for potential spam is a free way to maintain a clean list without losing conversions. Email lists often contain many nonsensical, seemingly random email addresses. Whether you see google mail or gmail, there can be some fake accounts in the list. Typically, these strange, unorthodox email addresses and domains denote accounts used for spamming and other nefarious purposes, such as botting. Simply browse through your list and delete any email addresses that seem suspicious in this way. Definitely, check your email lists for potential spam to delete suspicious accounts and maintain the health of your campaigns.

Fix Any Syntax Errors

Lastly, check your lists for any typos and syntax errors. These errors are often overlooked in lists and databases with massive amounts of data. For example, someone could have mistyped one letter, causing the whole email to become inactive. Additionally, there may be extra spaces or characters unsupported by the software you’re using to list. Therefore, comb through your lists for obvious typos, syntax errors, as well as extra spaces and unsupported characters to remove these inaccurate entries. Of course, inspect for syntax errors to remove them from your list and generate new leads via accurate email addresses.

Cleaning your email lists online for free without losing conversions can be done in a myriad of ways. For example, determine why emails are bouncing is a first step that lends direction to the rest of the process. Second, segment your lists according to audience behavior to make them more organized and easier to clean. Third, target inactive subscribers with re-engagement campaigns to possibly recapture them. Next, comb through your lists for potential spam and remove any suspicious accounts. This should be part of your disaster plan. Finally check for syntax errors and typos so you can capture more leads via making those list entries accurate. When wondering how to clean email list online for free without losing conversions, consider the steps described above.

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