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8 Ways To Clean Up Your Mac For Better Functionality

If you’re a proud Mac owner, we can certainly understand why. When it comes to computers, it’s definitely one that is well-designed, features state-of-the-art technology and being that it’s an Apple product, it’s also an excellent complement to devices like your iPhone or iPad.

But if lately, it seems like your Mac is not moving as fast as you would like it to, you might be wondering if there are things that you can do to get it back to speed, without having to buy Raid 1 storage or similar. The good news is that there are—several things in fact. If you’d like to know about some effective ways that you can clean up your Mac so that it will indeed run faster, we’ve provided you with great recommendations below.

Idle Applications

Shut down unwanted applications. If you have some applications running on your computer that you’re actually not using, like your Quake Live game, this could definitely be the cause of your Mac going slowly. That’s because all applications use a certain amount of memory and CPU resources. So, if you have some open that you don’t need, make sure to shut them down. You should see a noticeable difference as a direct result.

Clean Up Desktop

If you want to clean up your Mac desktop efficiently, there is, of course, a tool to simplify this job. Desktop Tidy is one however, there are many other options available as well. In any case, these utilities clean up your Mac desktop and keep it free of clutter. This particular software stores desktop files and folders in something called a Shadow Desktop, which is hidden away, accessible by the menu bar or Finder tool. Anything you drag and drop onto your desktop gets moved to the Shadow Desktop. So you can have a neat, orderly desktop all the time, no matter how many documents, programs, files and folders you drag there. Look for the top Mac accessories to add to your device once it is functioning better.

Startup Login Items

Remove some of your login items. Every time that you first log on to your Mac, there are going to be a certain amount of login items that automatically pop up. The problem is that if you have too many of them, this can also prevent your computer from moving as fast as you would like it to. It’s very easy to remove the unwanted ones. Simply highlight them and click on “delete” from the bottom of the list. That should prevent you from seeing them the next time that you turn on your computer to remove background online for your latest photography.

Manage Disk Space

Free up space on your hard drive. If you’ve been using the same Mac for years, this means that you have a lot of data that is stored up on your hard drive. So much, in fact, that you may be running out of room. That’s why it’s best if you leave at least 10 percent of free space on it. If you’re getting pretty close to running out, one thing that you can do is first empty out the “Trash” folder on your computer and then go through your “User” folder to see if there are many movies or pictures that are sitting there but you really don’t need anymore. (Removing the movies especially should give you a lot more hard drive space.)

Stay Updated

Update your software. One effective tool on the market that helps to repair any issues that your Mac may be having so that your computer can perform better is Onyx Mac. That said, it’s not going to be able to speed up your computer if the problem is related to out-of-date software that is on it. If you happened to purchase apps from a place other than the App store, you will need to update those manually. However, the ones that you did get from there, all you have to do is click on the Apple icon on the menu bar and then select “software update”. You can also program your computer to update software automatically (which is what we highly recommend) too.

Keep Email In Check

Clear out your mailboxes. This is a necessary step whether you have created Outlook email accounts or accounts with other email services. If you use your Mac for business purposes and you happen to have really large mailboxes with a ton of messages on them, it’s important to remember that all of those emails are causing your computer to take a larger time to load. That’s why it’s best to read and then delete them as you go. If you make this a practice, your computer will move just a bit quicker. One website that can provide you tips for managing your emails is Linked In. Just go to the site and put “7 ways to manage email” in the search field.

Fix Disk Permissions

If you are used to using terminal, you can fix your disk permissions quite easily. It’s one simple code that works with any Mac clean up app. What this will do is make sure that your Macbook is looking the right directories for information. This could speed up your Mac by lowering the time needed to look up information. By fixing disk permissions, you can easily clean up mac background processes.

Delete Old Applications

Finally, delete your old applications to upgrade your Mac. Closing out of your apps when you are not using them is helpful. However, deleting them entirely is much more beneficial. Avoid storing apps that you do not use anymore on your Mac. Then, you will clean your Mac up and increase your speeds. You also have more room for other applications and can purchase virtual Machine software for Windows 10.

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