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5 Cloud Hosted Call Center Features For Enterprise Support

Many enterprise organizations have been migrating their on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud. This trend continues with the need for cost effective and high performance call centers. Many companies depend on their call centers to create positive customer experiences, providing support and solutions over the phone. If you are an IT admin considering making the switch from a legacy phone system to a hosted call center, here are the main features that you should be looking for.

Inbound And Outbound Calling

Of course, the primary function of call centers are to receive calls. However, there are quite a few features that you should look for with inbound and outbound calling. The calls can be encrypted and protected over the cloud. Secondly, the quality of the call can make a difference to your support team’s performance and customer’s overall experience. If possible, try out a cloud call center that offer rich voice sound rather than just basic calling features. Since this is the primary function of a hosted call center, the quality and security levels should be very high.

Cloud Connection Uptime

In a hosted environment, uptime is critical to the organization’s success. The local internet connection should have enough bandwidth to handle all the calls on the system. On the other hand, the servers of the hosted call solution should have more than enough capacity to offer the best quality connections between cloud endpoints. When looking at a hosted call center solution, make sure they have great servers and uptime for the support team. This will ensure the best customer support interactions without the interruption.

Hosted Call Center Integration

Depending on the cloud call center platform, you should be able to integrate with other business applications. For example, certain cloud hosted call centers offer direct integration to Salesforce. The integration gives your team access to customer identity, history and IVR selections. With the added information readily available, support team members can meet the needs of customers quickly and efficiently.

Increased Accessibility To Software

Additionally, the hosted call center software should be accessible from multiple devices. As more organizations have teams working from remote locations, its essential to have access to the software from computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. When the software is compatible with the majority of operating systems and devices, support teams can answer calls from almost anywhere. As long as they have the internet connection to support the call, a hosted call center should be accessible easily.

Opt For Omnichannel Routing

For enterprises to provide the best level of support, hosted call centers utilize a feature known as omnichannel routing. This feature connects the customer’s actions across multiple channels. These channels can include tickets, chat, SMS and more. When you give customers many options to get in touch, they tend to choose whatever works for them. However, a platform that can tie all of these communications together gives the support team the power to deliver personalized service to each customer.

Enterprise support teams should make the most of hosted call centers. When deciding to make the switch, look for the primary function: inbound and outbound calling. Then, prioritize your most important features including uptime, marketing automation integrations, device compatibility and omnichannel management. Using these features, support teams can assist their customers efficiently, solving problems and providing solutions in record times.

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