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Why Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Outperforms Dedicated Hosting Services

If you own an online business, you are familiar with hosting. You are probably also familiar with the fact that their are multiple types of hosting available today. Cloud hosting, a relatively new solution, is starting to gain steam, especially with small online businesses, similar to how the VoIP server trend gained notoriety. This cloud migration is taking place due to the many benefits cloud computing provides. If you are considering cloud hosting for your website, keep reading below to learn the benefits of these cloud servers that could encourage you to make the switch from dedicated hosting.


One of the largest advantages that cloud hosting has over traditional dedicated hosting is the flexibility it provides in terms of memory and bandwidth with multi-cloud options. Website resources are spread across multiple web servers, and are available for use as needed. This provides you the flexibility you need for your website. Any online business owner knows that there are times of heavy traffic and times of light traffic as well. Instead of spending more for additional dedicated servers just for those times of heavy page traffic, consider the flexibility of cloud hosting.

Fewer Operations Issues

Cloud computing infrastructure has fewer operational issues than traditional computing processes. Private, on-location servers are much less reliable. They require a lot more maintenance and troubleshooting, even without multitenancy structures. Cloud computing infrastructure, on the other hand, is managed around the clock by a dedicated team of experts. That leads to fewer issues operating your cloud computing solutions. The reliability this affords operations is unmatched by other types of computing solutions. The lack of operations issues you find with cloud computing infrastructure is a huge advantage for all users.


Because cloud hosting is so flexible, it also makes it extremely scalable. As your web business grows, so too will your traffic. With traditional hosting, you would likely experience more downtime and have to purchase additional servers in response. This can be a timely process which will, of course, cost you a lot of page views. With cloud hosting, resources are available on demand based on responsive load balancing. You do not have to worry about additional clicks causing long-term downtime. The scalability and flexibility of cloud servers is a huge advantage over the traditional dedicated hosts, if you do not want your page visitors feeling like they need to do a DNS speed test when they visit your site.


As mentioned above, cloud host resources are not limited to the server capacity of one server. Instead, they are provided on an as-needed basis. You will never have to worry about too many visitors causing your page to crash, which is obviously every online business owner’s worst nightmare. Instead, you can enjoy the extra business free from anxiety. Massive amounts of traffic should never be a bad thing in online business. Fortunately with cloud hosting services, it is not.


Cloud hosting also provides business owners the advantage of top-of-the-line security for the physical servers. These servers are housed in data centers all over the world, and they are shared by all different types and sizes of businesses. That is why they are so secure. The physical security staffed at these data centers prevent on-site access or disruption.This means one less thing to worry about for you, though it is still important to remember the lessons learned from the Premera data breach. If you are considering cloud hosting providers, this is something useful to keep in mind.

Reduced Costs

The final advantage of cloud hosting is the cost reductions it offers businesses. Due to the flexible nature of these hosting solutions, you only pay for what you use. Gone are the days of having to pay for unused services from dedicating hosting providers. If you do not want to worry about wasted capacity, cloud services hosting may the most advantageous option for your site.

Any online business owner knows that your host servers are absolutely one of the most essential parts of the business. They are even more important than having the right desktop as a service. However, nowadays you now longer have only one option for dedicated hosting. Consider the benefits cloud hosting solutions offer, mentioned above. These cloud computing advantages may help you to make business more efficient and cost effective at the same time. You are sure to be happy you made the switch.

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