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Popular Cloud Tech Applications That Revolutionized Computer Science

When it comes to computer science, new applications are always being developed and old technologies are always being improved upon. For those of us that are interested in technology and like to stay current, that means there is always something new to be learned. Cloud technologies are the latest development in the field of computer science. If you want to learn more about cloud tech and some of its most popular uses in digital business, keep reading below.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the word most technology professionals use to describe any and all cloud applications. The definition of cloud computing is simple: it is a type of computing that emphasizes shared computing resources over local servers and personal devices. The cloud is really just another word for the internet. So, simply put, cloud computing is a type of technology that allows data, resources and applications to be delivered to users via the internet. This has lead to the rise in the need for digital asset management software. There are three main types of cloud computing technology that are commonly utilized in the modern tech industry, keep reading below to learn about them.

Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, provides users access to web architecture. Web architecture can be anything from storage space, servers or connections. With IaaS, businesses do not to purchase or manage the necessary hardware themselves. They can leverage existing infrastructure to use collaboration tools, business applications or custom software. IaaS is one of three types of cloud computing that all tech users should know about.

Platform As A Service

Platform as a service, PaaS, are services that provide hardware architecture and software framework. This solution is necessary to power robust web applications. Thus, PaaS providers offer this framework as a service. One example of a PaaS solution is Google App Engine. This cloud tech may take a bit more knowledge of development for the average techie to understand.

Software As A Service

Software As A Service, typically referred to as SaaS, is perhaps the simplest cloud computing technology for non-professionals to fully grasp. SaaS companies provide commercially available software on the web. This allows users to access the software on the internet by navigating to a website on their browser. Google Docs is one such example of a software as a service cloud technology. Certainly, some of the cool tech in the cloud are on SaaS platforms.

Most Popular Business Cloud Service

The most popular of all these business cloud applications is Microsoft Office 360. The program is Microsoft’s online version of the Microsoft Office suite. The Microsoft SaaS has become increasingly popular in the business sector. It is, without a doubt, the most popular business cloud application available. It also takes away the need for space-consuming drive storage. However, it still has a plenty of potential for a wider home user audience.

If you are a computer science geek, or just a regular person who has an interest in technology and likes to keep abreast of all the latest trends, cloud tech is the hot topic to learn about. Cloud computing applications are some of the most popular in business and technology right now. The three types of cloud computing, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, help to provide access to technology solutions without the need to manage them yourself, just like digital banking. These cloud solutions also take away the need for costly computing hardware. If you are interested in learning more about cloud tech, click around the site to learn from the many posts on cloud computing developments. You are sure to learn a lot.

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