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Top Coaching And Mentoring Solutions To Streamline Administrative Tasks

Coaching and mentoring are great ways to grow individuals and businesses. For IT professionals, the cloud is a very helpful way to coach and mentor within the same company or across the globe. To learn more before you start whiteboarding, read about how to coach and mentor using these cloud-based websites.


Insala is the perfect mentoring software for web-based mentoring. It provides much more than just a metabase for your company. The company offers a useful coaching and mentoring software that complements their existing mentoring training and mentorship consultation services. The software itself is user-friendly, helping to streamline administrative tasks to enhance the mentorship experience for mentees and mentors. If you want a coaching software solution that also provides support through mentorship training and consultation services, consider Insala.


MentorCloud is a website for IT professionals who are looking to mentor and coach others within the same company. This allows newer employees to learn quickly and easily from IT professionals with more experience, providing a smooth transition. MentorCloud has seven key features that facilitate coaching and mentoring within one organization; social, global, mutual, measurable, community, library and efficiency. The site is social, global, mutual and measurable. It also provides a community, library of information, as well as efficiency. Using the cloud is helpful to train clients whether they’re in the same company or on the other side of the world.


This cloud-based site allows IT professionals and their clients to house all of their information in one secure place that they can access anywhere. It also provides you a space to collect and store session notes and feedback between you and your clients. CoachingCloud will even calculate time zones to coordinate webcasts and send you reminders beforehand. The site allows for real-time chat and drag and drop file sharing between you and your client as well. Cloud-based websites have many useful features that make it easy for IT professionals who are looking to coach and mentor clients.

Chronus Mentoring

The Chronus mentoring software operates in the cloud. You can use it to do several coaching activities. Specifically, it is used for career development, leadership, diversity and reverse mentoring too. Their program strives to engage IT professionals intellectually and emotionally. It can help train people in Smartops inventory, process and other procedures. Certainly, this cloud provider is a great way to do coaching and mentoring within your IT department.

Basic Information Portal

Any IT department can use a basic portal to upload mentoring and coaching tips. Quite simply, post tools and techniques that are used for one to one training. When you have mentoring resources easy to access, you will be better prepared to help others. This is a simple, yet effective cloud strategy to implement coaching or training. If you would like to take it up a notch, you can utilize heat maps to track what people are paying attention to most.

Collaboration Online

IT professionals can use the cloud to accelerate employee growth and development with agile services. In the cloud, you can share information with new employees or employees in other departments. This allows you to ensure all of the employees in one company are on the same page, while also facilitating growth in their skills. This is another example of how the cloud can be used to mentor and coach.

Coaching and mentoring is important for every company, much like ACF2 security software. Using mentoring cloud-based sites like MentorCloud and CoachingCloud provide a platform where IT can connect with employees in one company, as well as clients around the world. You can also use the cloud as a basic information portal and to accelerate employee growth and development. Following these ideas, makes it easy for IT professionals to mentor others using the cloud.

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