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Best Comcast Offers For Low-Cost Voice, Internet And Cable Solutions


Comcast is a popular broadcasting and cable company. For those looking to switch cable providers, the company provides offers for new customers and companies looking for Comcast business. In this post, everyone can discover five current Comcast offers that come with changing to the cable company.

XFINITY Double Play

XFINITY Double Play is a great Comcast offer for new customers to learn about. This offer allows you to pick and choose two services you want. You will not be forced to purchase a bundle with all the services Comcast provides. Customers can choose from XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet, XFINITY Voice and XFINITY Home. Many consumers are ditching their home phone lines and becoming cellular only. Others are getting rid of cable in favor of the Amazon Fire TV stick. This is a great option for those who do not want to pay for XFINITY Voice or TV. Double Play is one of the more affordable Comcast offers available to new customers.

Starter XFINITY Triple Play

Comcast recently released a new offer to new Comcast customers. The Starter XFINITY Triple Play bundle is priced at just under $90/month. The bundle promises 75 mbps download speeds and 5 mbps upload speeds, so you can enjoy the speeds your gaming laptop is capable of. This Comcast deal gets you digital starter TV, XFINITY Voice unlimited and internet. The contract term is two years, so you can expect the same bill every month for two years. This is a great deal, as it offers excellent savings from the original rate of $125/month. Keep it in mind if you need internet, voice and cable.


XFINITY Home is an Internet-based home security tool. With XFINITY Home, you can manage your home security remotely from a smartphone or tablet. One feature includes video monitoring of the inside and outside of your home. You can access the video feed through any wifi enabled device. Your security is also monitored remotely by a security station. With XFINITY Home, you can also adjust your lighting and thermostat settings. Not only does this Comcast offer provide you with added security, it also aims to save you money on electric bills. XFINITY Home is one of the exciting Comcast offers available to new customers.


The XFINITY TV app allows you to watch your favorite television shows from a smartphone or tablet without having to worry about slow internet. You do not even have to be at home for your device to connect. This is a great remote feature. This is a Comcast offer to consider for those who travel often. Hotels never have a ton of television channels to choose from, let alone being able to watch your favorite shows exactly when you want. The XFINITY TV app allows you to watch live television and recorded shows. It even provides you the ability to set your DVR to record. For everyone looking at switching service providers, the XFINITY TV app is something important to know about. This is especially a good consideration for travelers.

X1 Sports Coverage

For sports fanatics, XFINITY TV comes with complete sports coverage, which is not offered by even the best VoIP. This a great competitive edge over other cable providers. Competitors make you decide what channels to keep and what to remove. With XFINITY X1, you can track multiple game scores on your television while still being able to watch your favorite game. This is a lot more convenient option than having to switch channels at every commercial break. You can also stream games on your smartphone or tablet. X1 is another one of Comcast offers that new customers should look out for.

XFINITY Movers Edge

For new and old Comcast customers alike, Movers Edge is another great Comcast offer. This feature allows you to transfer your Comcast services if you are moving. Comcast customers can easily utilize this feature online through their XFINITY account which can be accessed with your mobile device using swiftkey. The company even provides an easy-to-follow tutorial for those looking to do this. For customers interested in switching to Comcast, this is a great feature. It is especially valuable if you know you are looking to move in a year or two.

Negotiation Tips

When choosing a new Comcast offer, be sure to employ some basic negotiation tips. These will help you in getting the best deal on your internet service, television programs and phone lines. If done properly, you could save over $600 on your cable bill annually. It just takes a little boldness to ask for a better deal than the current offers and remind them of available WebTV offers too. After all, as a new customer, you have the upper hand.

Something To Remember

While there are always going to be Comcast offers available, it is important to note that these offers may not be available everywhere. Specific states and regions may be excluded from some Comcast deals, like Triple Play offers or similar. However, you will not have to deal with nonsense similar to T-Mobile throttling, so that is a plus regardless of how much you pay. The only way to know whether or not you qualify for any of these XFINITY deals is to call Comcast and ask. Be sure to keep this in mind.

Comcast offers provide a lot of great features for new customers. You are able to choose which services you want. This ability is afforded through the money-saving XFINITY Double Play for the internet, phone and cable services. XFINITY Home provides you with twenty-four hour home security. The XFINITY TV app allows you to watch your favorite shows at anytime, any place. In addition, Comcast provides exceptional sports coverage, if you consider yourself a fanatic. It is also a great choice if you are looking to relocate. Comcast offers specialty movers when you need them. There are many Comcast offers for consumers to keep an eye on. Before switching providers, know the facts and decide what is right for you.

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