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Fun Filler Text Generators To Replace Standard Lorem Ipsum Nonsense


Many web designers know the importance of filler text. It is used to represent the real words that will eventually appear on their carefully crafted website. Thus allowing designers to gauge how the text fills the space and works with their design. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry standard filler text since the 1500’s. However, seeing the same nonsensical words over and over again can get pretty boring. That is why filler text generators have become more and more popular. Just as there is a Windirstat alternative for everyone, there is a filler text generator for everyone too!

Filler Text Generators

For the average IT beginner, what is a filler text generator? This is a software that generates filler text that can be used to occupy space where actual words would be placed. These texts look like real words but are actually non-nonsensical. They are an easy solution for designers and developers who need a place holder for the text in a project. Usually, text filler generators are free to use. But, you can also find fun ones to use for your development projects.

These solutions offer fun and unique ways to fill up your text space without any extra effort. Test out these 6 fun filler text generators to see what works for you.

Blind Text Generator offers a variety of text options for all of your layout needs. With Blind Text Generator you can develop filler text in a bunch of different styles. This site currently offers 11 forms of text styles that can be used even in a lossless file. Some of which include quotations from Franz Kafka and histories of European languages. They also include an array of font choices to help you find the perfect filler text format. This site may just become one of your go-to resources for filler text.

Cat Ipsum

The filler text generator is any internet user’s dream. The site allows you to choose your number of paragraphs. It also allows you to select the type of cat-related text you want to fill up your space, without having to worry about configuring MTU. “Standard scoops” will churn out paragraphs full of fun sentences like “Tuxedo cat always looking dapper.” “Just breeds” will compile paragraphs comprised only of different names of cat breeds. If you are a cat lover, you are going to love CatIpsum.

Samuel L. Ipsum is another great option to spice up your filler text without having to receive a sketchy generator file via free FTP software. Be careful though, it may be a bit too spicy if you are using this to show the website to a client. The Samuel L. Ipsum filler text generator creates a block of text that is made up of Samuel L. Jackson quotes from some of his most popular films. They can get pretty vulgar, but they will surely be a nice change from the usual gibberish. If you are not worried about showing clients progress throughout, may provide a nice change of pace.


If you are looking for a laugh try out Fillerama. This filler text generator takes quotes from some great TV shows and movies like Dexter, Star Wars and The Simpsons. These quotes provide you will lots of great filler text and also allow you to show off your sense of humor. The site is especially useful because it allows you to incorporate lists and inline styles into your filler text. That will make your job that much easier. If you are looking for comedic filler text, Fillerama is a great option.

Bacon Ipsum

The bacon trend has even infiltrated website development. is designed especially for users who want a “meatier” filler text. The site also allows you to incorporate some of the classic Latin filler text, if you need to add a side dish. If you are interested in having the ability to use both old and new forms of filler text without touching your number keypad, Baconipsum provides a great solution.

Hipster Ipsum

If you want to add a bit of humor and pretentiousness to your filler text, test out This site is equally snarky and useful, unlike a boring old DNS speed test. You can choose how many paragraphs you want it to generate. Then out will pop a wall of text that is so hipster it may as well have been created on a vintage typewriter. The string of words like “lumbersexual” and “vinyl” will surely give you a good chuckle as you ponder over the perfect font. If you want your filler text to represent modern counterculture, is the perfect choice.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

If you are looking for a more professional filler text, the standard Lorem Ipsum also has a generator for your use. The generator.Lorem-Ipsum website is the perfect place to go for all your filler text needs. If you need to show a website design to a client, this is the one to use. You do not want to appear illegitimate, unprofessional and not credible. Use professional filler text solutions like this Lorem Ipsum generator to show potential website designs to future clients. This will definitely help to improve your credibility.

Adding Filler To Word

If you need to add filler to a Word document, there is a shortcut to help you complete the task quickly. If you want to create three paragraphs of random text characters, just type in =rand() and hit the enter key. If you would prefer to generate three paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text from the old Wintel days, enter in =lorem() followed by the enter key. Just make sure you have the “Replace Text As You Type” feature turned on under Word Option > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options.

Ditch the Lorem Ipsum for some of these fun new filler text generators to use with your Google Desktop websites, apps and more. You will definitely be inspired by all the cat, bacon and Samuel L. Jackson generators available. These sites will definitely make your filler text a little more interesting. Even better, many of these sites have features designed to make your job easier. Some include features for adjustable font sizes, paragraph lengths and lists. Now that you know of these fun and comedic options for filler text, you can enjoy your job even more.

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