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Twitter Mentions Features Make Social Media Communications Easier


Twitter is a social media site in which people can post 140 character statuses. These statuses can include life updates, jokes and general everyday thoughts of the user. Additionally, Twitter can be used as a way to communicate through mentions, replies and direct messages. Communications have certainly come a long way since 2 way radios. To learn more about the ways in which you can interact with people on Twitter, see our comprehensive guide below.


On Twitter, replies are the direct responses to a particular tweet. These can be done by clicking the arrow button located below each tweet. When you click that, space to write a new tweet will appear. Twitter replies often begin with the handle of the person you are replying to. However, recent updates have made it possible to reply to a tweet without including the user’s twitter handle. This helps to save characters for the rest of your message! Replies are public and will appear on the Twitter timelines of any namespaces that follow you. Additionally, Twitter will send a notification to the user that you are replying to so that they can view your tweet.

Direct Messages

Direct Messages (DMs) are the only private way of communicating on Twitter. The messaging system is located in the envelope icon, just like in Hpux. There, you can create one-on-one or group messages with people that are following you. These messages can also include gifs, photos and emojis. DMs are especially useful because they are not limited to 140 characters, like replies and mentions. Instead, you can hold private conversations with up to 10,000 characters per message. Most users have it set so that only people that they are following can message them. However, there is an option available to make it so that anyone can send you messages.


Twitter mentions are often confused with replies. However, they are very different. Mentions must always “mention” the handle of a particular user, as the name implies. Additionally, this form of communication differs from traditional replies because the handle can appear anywhere in the tweet, not just at the very beginning. Like replies, mentions will send a notification to the user to view the tweet. Mentions can often be used to start a discussion with the tagged user. It can also boost traffic to their profile because your followers may click on their handle when it appears in your tweet about Adobe Soundbooth. Many Twitter users interact with celebrities through mentions. Just remember to always be mindful of your mentions. Most top resume software can search for these, just like other social media platforms.

Changes To @Mentions

A recent change has been made to Twitter @mentions. Prior to the latest updates, mentions were hidden from your followers’ feeds unless you started them with another character, commonly a period. However, since the recent Twitter update, this has changed. You can now mention any account without needing the additional character in the front of the @handle. It will still appear on your followers’ feeds. This new update is incredibly helpful for those of you who use Twitter for promotional purposes.

Who Can See Twitter Mentions?

Although mentions are a great form a communication, they are limited. If your account is protected, then even people mentioned in your tweet may not be able to see it. Mentions will only appear to users who are following you. This means that if you tweet at a celebrity who is not following you, they will never see it. This can be easily solved by making your Twitter profile public and including it on digital display advertising if you own a business.

Tracking Twitter Mentions

Monitoring Twitter Mentions has never been easier on your worlds thinnest laptop, thanks to social media management apps and software. However, you can also track Twitter mentions from the platform’s search feature. Not everyone that mentions your business or you personally will use your @handle. Type your company name into the search to see what everyone has been saying about your business that they may not have intended for you to see. These searches will help you manage Twitter mentions without missing a single one.

Why Track Mentions?

Why should you monitoring Twitter mentions? This is a good question to ask before you go spending money on a social media tracking software. People use Twitter as a customer service tool. So, if you own a business Twitter account, you will want to be able to know what people are saying about your business. That way, you can fix any problems before they become a PR nightmare, just like the Bumtop app does. If you track your media mentions for no other reason, track them for customer service.

Twitter mentions, replies and messages are all different ways of communicating through this social media platform. If you use Twitter for business purposes or other promotional reasons, you may want to consider Sprout Social schedule retweet apps to manage all these different forms of communication. Whether you want to keep the conversation private through DMs, or you want to publicly share your thoughts through mentions and replies, Twitter makes it easy to do so.

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