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Is Computer Programming A Good Career?

To start a career in the IT sphere is a dream of so many college students. Computer programming has a reputation of specialization that is characterized by high salaries and independence. It is a common understanding that good programming specialists are always in demand. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is not always the case, but still, choosing computer programming as a profession comes with many benefits. Would this article be interesting if we only focused on benefits? We don’t think so. That is why here you will read about drawbacks and risks as well. To make a choice you won’t regret later, you need to be sure that you understand what is waiting for you in the near future if you become a programming specialist.

Why Computer Programming Is A Good Career Choice

Job seekers tend to see information technology as a large field of opportunity that is unlikely to be overgrown with weeds in the next couple of decades. Moreover, the prospects of the industry as a whole are even more important for them than specific opportunities for developing their own career. Most likely, people value the freedom that the industry provides: here you can choose a like-minded company, be it an international corporation or a small startup, and not worry about your professional development.

There is an opinion among experts that remote work is the future, and office work will soon become as anachronistic as factories and workers’ quarters in big cities. For IT workers, telecommuting is not the future. Today, IT specialists worldwide like to work from home several thousand kilometers from the head office, without burdening themselves with commuting in traffic jams and crowded transport. That is why the share of job seekers for whom flexibility is important is about twice as high in IT as the market average. The share of those for whom it is important to work close to home, on the contrary, is lower.

Interesting projects, and a comfortable workspace, and relationships within the team – these are all about the IT-sphere. Of course, all this differs from company to company, but it is within the IT industry that there are firms that act as trendsetters in these matters. Buzzwords like “agility” or “scrum flow” are all from there. We will not even give the names of these companies, because you already know them very well (and probably even licked your lips when looking at the photos from their offices). It is characteristic that already established IT workers consider their main advantage not a high salary or career prospects, but their interest in work and satisfaction with current projects.

Programming specialists now can choose almost any sphere to apply their skills. Coding is needed in biotech, spacetech, agriculture, media, politics and many other spheres. Being a good programming specialist gives you almost limitless opportunities to apply your skills the way you see fit. You can contribute to solving the most crucial and urgents problems this world faces.

Drawbacks Of Choosing Computer Programming For A Career

The high salaries are partially offset by the fact that starting a career in IT is not easy. There are lots of newbies in this career path, it is a highly competitive sphere. The salaries reflect this situation — when just starting in IT you may receive less than a delivery guy working for several services or a waiter in a good restaurant. The good thing is, if you can handle the first period, your salary will grow rather significantly once you move at least to a middle position. Still, many candidates cannot deal with so little money from the very beginning both financially and psychologically. We cannot blame them — studying for several years, dealing with programming assignments, investing extra time and funds in additional education doesn’t start paying off immediately. It is irritating and discouraging.

It seems that no one doubts that sooner or later programmers will oust a good half of today’s professions. It’s also unclear what will happen to the programmers themselves. First, low-level programming is subject to the rise of automation no less than routine office work. Secondly, the IT sphere is not rubber, and sooner or later the market will be saturated with specialists, and taking into account the constant influx of the new workforce, the competition among them will grow.

It is worth considering one more factor – unlike representatives of other professional fields, not all IT specialists are looking for vacancies on work sites, preferring word of mouth or professional communities. Therefore, in reality, the level of competition in the field is even higher. Over time, the threshold for entering the industry will rise. If you are thinking of going into IT, do not postpone the decision. If you are not sure you can deal with the college programming assignments at the needed level from the very beginning, don’t let it stop you. Save this contact with a reliable programming help service — MyAssignmentLab — and address them any time you need to get your homework done for money. It is an affordable service that helps programming students and young coding professionals around the world. This small investment can truly influence your future career.

Also, do not think that having got a job as a programmer remotely, you will be able to spend more time at your own discretion – most likely, you will have to devote a fair part of your life to studying. As the luminaries say: “The first thing a computer programmer must learn is that his training will never end.” Here is just the most vivid example from our practice: in just five years, almost all front-end development has switched to JavaScript, which is reflected in the frequency of its mentioning in vacancies — it has grown almost fivefold.

We bet you have noticed that pros and cons are rather balanced. For example, in general, IT specialists earn good money, but they start with very moderate salaries that are often not at all corresponding with their skillset. You can work from almost any place on Earth, saving money on daily work commuting or expensive rentals, but you still will have to spend lots of time on additional education constantly. Everything is balanced and it is only for you to make a choice.

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