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Simple Computer Training Tips To Help You Improve Online Literacy Now

computer-trainingWhether you’ve come to realize that getting a job without some knowledge of computers is practically impossible in this day and age, especially if you want to work in computer repair services, or you’ve simply decided that you want to better yourself, make your life easier, and gain the many benefits that come from knowing how to use computers and a variety of programs, you might be considering some type of computer training. But as a beginner you could face some roadblocks along the way. Here are a few tips to help you overcome common hurdles during your journey to educate yourself about computers.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid. The task of learning to use computers may seem daunting if you’re a beginner, especially with technology advancing at such a rapid pace. But you don’t have to become an engineer or an IT strategy guru to use a computer. Do you have to be a mechanic to drive a car? No. You don’t necessarily have to understand the inner workings of your tools to learn how to use them to your benefit, and computers are no different. Of course, all cars operate in more or less the same way, whereas computer programs may differ vastly in what they do and how they work. But when you enter the process with a feeling of being overwhelmed from the get-go, it’s bound to be self-defeating. So go into computer training with an open mind and even a measure of pleasant anticipation and you’re bound to pick it up more quickly.

Sign Up for Classes

Take classes. A good place to start is with a keyboarding course because it will teach you the most efficient way to use your keyboard, which will definitely come in handy the more you use your computers. From there you can start to learn basic programs like word document online Microsoft Word, Outlook, Explorer, and Excel, just for example (or comparable programs for Mac). Eventually you may decide that you want to use other programs for document creation or internet browsing, but starting with the programs that are most widely used (especially in office settings) is probably a wise decision. And your local community center or community college probably offers such courses.

Free Online Computer Classes

If you want to sign up for an online computer class, but do not want to spend money until you are sure it is something you will be pursuing, free computer classes online are an excellent option. A single Google search turns up a slew of options offering free computer courses online. You can learn simple concepts like touch typing training or learning how to use Google mail, or you can choose to take an in-depth IT training program that introduces you to the world of online literacy. If you want to learn about computers without spending money, consider taking one of the many free computer courses online.

Computer Training Locations

Many local libraries, community colleges and universities offer computer training classes for everything from learning about twitter mentions to more in-depth coding lessons. Whether you are in a populated city like New York City or a quiet suburb outside of Chicago, you can always find various adult learning centers or career centers that most likely offer basic computer classes. The class hours can vary from during the day to evenings and weekends. This way, you can find a computer training course that fits your schedule.

Learn The Basics

What you’re going to realize as you start to learn your way around more programs is that those within a particular slate of products are so similar that learning one will give you the basics needed to learn others. For example, you might start learning how to do internet banking. But later on, learning how to use one Adobe product (like Acrobat or Photoshop) will give you an understanding of the programming style that makes learning further programs (like Illustrator or After Effects) much quicker and easier. This should give you the confidence you need to move forward with your computer training.

Shortcuts Are Key

Learn key commands. Not every program uses key commands, but most offer the option to use them instead of clicking buttons with your mouse. For example, Windows products offer CTRL key commands. You can press CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste rather than highlighting with the mouse and then right clicking for the pop-up menu to select actions. If you’re going to be using particular programs quite a lot, learning key commands can make many processes a lot faster and more efficient than using a mouse. (It is also a lot simpler to learn than figuring out something like a wireless network.)

Look Up Tutorials Online

Use tutorials. If, after taking classes, you’re keen to learn more programs or you simply need a refresher course, most programs provide tutorials. And if you’re learning new programs, they’re a lot cheaper than taking a course to learn computer tricks. You might never learn the difference between a mini itx and a standard motherboard, or understand how binary code works, but you can learn enough about computers and software through proper training to use them for your particular ends. And if you want to enjoy the many benefits offered by computer technology, there’s no reason not to put in the time and effort to learn.


  1. No you can’t. The programs are designed only for Macs. although if you are looking for Garage band which can only be used on Mac’s Mixcraft is very similar BTW why do u want 2 test mac products when you won’t use them?

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