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Why You Should Consider A Mobile App As The Next Stage of Business Growth

When you’re the owner of a business, you have to be prepared to make changes to your company in order to keep up with the needs of your customers. Otherwise you’ll find that your company can become outdated and you’ll be left losing both customers and ultimately profit. Using technology is essential to take your business to the next level.

Apps Verses Browsers

In our current climate, it’s become obvious that we’re a part of a rather lazy society. A society that is totally dependent on technology in order for us to get through our days. In fact, most of us will have access to a smartphone, tablet and laptop from which we browse the internet and use apps. Just look at a mobile phone. It may have been created originally in order for us to make phone calls on the go – and in latter years texting – but these days we spend roughly 85% of the time on our phones using an app. Mainly for social media, gaming and online shopping. Indeed, the majority of us would actually prefer to online shop via an app rather than our smartphone or tablet’s browser. Which is why it is essential for a business to have their own app in this day and age.

Convenience Culture

Convenience is a necessity for a business in our current culture, and shopping or contacting that business via an app is far easier than phoning or emailing. Just look at Amazon, a company that has succeeded purely on our lazy habits. With the Amazon app platform, you can buy practically anything and have it delivered the very next day. The company are even working on drone delivery so you can get packages delivered within a few hours. Even better, the company’s customer service can be done via a chat box or email, so any queries can be handled without having to wait on hold.

Similarly, European company hungryhouse are also pandering to our desire for convenience. The takeaway app allows customers to order food within a few clicks, using a simple UI to search for local restaurants. The company originally began offering food delivery via their website but quickly added an app option. Since implementing their app the company has grown extensively and now has partnerships with over 10,000 restaurants.

This new convenience culture might not be to everyone’s taste, yet the fact remains that it exists. By buying into it and getting a type of mobile app designed for your company you are not only making it easier for your customers to interact with you – whether that be online sales or not – but you are also showing how modern and serious your company is too. These days a business app is a sign of a stronger brand. Without one you are falling behind the times. Don’t think of it as an added extra or a gimmick that might be added in the future. In the current climate, a well-designed app should be the top of every company’s priority list.

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