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How To Convert Image To PDF For Universal File Viewing Capabilities


Seasoned tech users may already know how simple it is to convert an image to a PDF online. However, if you are new to computers you may be at a loss for where, why and how you can learn about this handy little trick. Converting an image to a PDF is simple, but why do we do it? Below is a complete breakdown of the conversion process, so that you can better understand how and why people may convert images and Powerpoints online to PDFs.

Common Image Files To Convert

Computers attach extensions to different files depending upon their time. For example, a word document will often be saved as File_Name.doc on a computer. That .doc indicates that the file contains text that was created in a Microsoft Word program. Likewise, images are also saved with specific file extensions. Most image files are JPEGs. The .jpeg extension indicates that the image can be run on a variety of different programs including Windows Photo Viewer, Adobe Photoshop and Apple Preview. Although it is the most versatile, .jpeg is not the only image file extension out there. Other popular ones include .gif and .png. Now that you know the different image file formats without having to take a costly SSL certification course, you can begin to understand why people might convert them to PDF.

Understanding A PDF

PDF is another file format that can be used for your mirror image Photoshop project and any other image. A PDF file is a document standard developed by Adobe. PDF images help to maintain the clarity and quality of an original image file. Unlike JPEG and other file formats, a PDF is scalable. This means that you can enlarge the image without it becoming pixelated. PDF images are made up of paths rather than pixels, which keeps them looking clear and sharp. If you want to keep an image looking clear, converting it to a PDF is the best option.

How To Convert Your Images

Now that you understand why people convert images, you may be interested in learning how to do it yourself. The process is simple. Once you have an image file, such as a .jpeg or .png, you will need to find an application. Dozens of image to PDF converters are available for use online for free, so do not get tricked into paying for one. Once you settle on one, all you will need to do is upload the image file and follow the website’s instructions. When you have finished, you should be given the option to download your newly converted image PDF.

Image Converter Online

It is so simple to use an online image converter to turn your JPG files into PDF files. One such place to convert JPG to PDF is the aptly names ImageToPDF. This site makes the process super simple and user friendly with a drag and drop upload feature. The open systems converter even allows you the choice to download multiple files as a merged file or separately. If you want to easily convert image to PDF, visit the ImageToPDF website or similar.

Remember The Details

When using one of the PDF converters you find online, it is important to find one that allows for customization. You want to pay attention to the PDF margins, page size, page orientation and image size. If you are unsure what will look best, look for a converter that allows you to convert unlimited PDFs. When converting your image to PDF, remember to decide on margins, page size and orientation and image size.

When To Convert

If you have a bunch of JPEG image file,s you may be wondering whether it is worth it to convert them all. The answer to that is: no. Converting an image to a PDF is primarily useful for purposes when image clarity is needed. If you are simply using Yesware Chrome to upload your photos to a social media site or keeping them for yourself, you will not need to convert them. Instead, you should only convert an image to a PDF when you intend to print it or email it. This will keep the image from distorting.

Technology grows business, yes. However, it also grows individual user capabilities for file and image sharing. It is important to understand why images get converted to PDFs. Now, you can ensure that your photos are printed and shared with optimal clarity by using an image to PDF converter. Keep this in mind the next time you are working with a JPEG, GIF or PNG file.

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