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Convert PSD To PDF To Create Image Security Restrictions For Sharing


If you work with Photoshop, you know that a PSD file is a layered image file that can be opened and edited. This is the perfect format for works in progress, but once you are finished with your Photoshop masterpiece, it may be a good idea to convert the file to a PDF. A PDF file is a file format that allows you to view, print and share all of the elements of a document or image, but it cannot be edited or altered in any way. PDF files are the best way to maintain quality when printing and sharing. To learn our top 5 tips for converting PSD to PDF, keep reading below.

How To Convert PSD To PDF

If you want to convert PSD to PDF, the process is as simple as using a remove background online tool. Using one of the many free online file conversion platforms, you can select which file you want to convert, choose the format you want to convert to and convert it all from the same place. Typically, these platforms will email you the converted files. However, it is still important for you to use the tips we present below to ensure the highest quality PDF file end product.

How To Save PDF Files In Photoshop

You know, instead of converting a psd to pdf, you can simple save your Photoshop project as a PDF file from the get go. It is very simple. To quickly save a Photoshop file as a PDF, click on the “Actions” menu and select Production. Then, select the “Save As Photoshop PDF” action on the file. Thankfully, you will not have to worry about converting PSD files if you save them as Photoshop PDF files at the start.


The first tip we can offer when converting a PSD to a PDF is to set the “compatibility” to the highest version possible. This option will appear when you are converting a PSD to a PDF directly from Photoshop. First, you will need to locate the “Save Adobe PDF” dialogue. Beside that will be the option to set compatibility. The compatibility effects the overall quality of the image once it is converted. Hard to imagine that now we can alter photo quality, when considering the invention camera history. For a PDF file that appears as pristine as the original PSD, make sure you set the compatibility before saving.


In addition to compatibility, the compression of the Adobe spark video file has a serious impact on its quality. When you are converting to a PDF from Photoshop, the program will be tempted to compress or downsample the file to save space. To avoid this, you will need to select the “Do Not Downsample” option when saving. This will keep the program from compressing the file. The less compression there is, the better the image quality will be. This is one of the most important tips for converting PSD files to PDF.


If you cannot access Photoshop to convert the file, consider using an online converter. Websites such as Zamzar, PDF Convert Online and Online Converter all have excellent options for changing your file formats. These types of websites simplify the process by allowing you to convert the files with the click of a button. All you have to do is upload your PSD file and follow the quick and easy steps to convert it.


Another great tip for converting a PSD to PDF is to utilize Adobe’s “Preserve” option. When you are saving a PDF from Photoshop or any lossless file, there is an option to preserve the Photoshop editing capabilities of the file. This will save the Photoshop data including layers, alpha channels and spot colors. Use this option if you want to be able to edit the document later on.


Security, like that of digital asset management, is a benefit that is often overlooked when you convert a PSD to a PDF. However if you want to protect your design, image or document, you can do so during the conversion process. PDFs allow you to input security measures such as passwords, limited copy and paste and other restrictions in order to protect your files. Be sure to test out this tip next time you convert PSD to PDF.

There are many reasons one may want to convert a PSD to PDF. However, it is important to keep in mind the tips above in order to maintain the quality of the image. Along with quality, you can also protect and preserve your work when you convert it to a PDF. Each of these tips can help to improve your experience when converting your Photoshop file.

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