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How To Create A Slideshow With These 4 Free Tools

A slideshow is a type of presentation that features various images, text and other media that is presented through a prearranged sequence of pages. If you are a tech user, you have probably learned to create a slideshow on powerpoints online or one of the more popular software programs. However, there are plenty of useful apps available that you can use to create a slideshow at no cost. These top four slideshow apps are the perfect tools for any tech user interested in creating a slideshow that is dynamic and engaging for free.


Prezi is a popular slideshow creation format that is often used in professional and educational settings. With a variety of templates to choose from, this free resource can be utilized to display images and information for any industry or subject. Additionally, Prezi allows you to embed YouTube videos, which can be a great addition to any featured discussion. Unlike many traditional slideshow software options, Prezi focuses on movement and animation to keep viewers engaged. If you want to create a slideshow that will keep people interested, consider using Prezi.


Kizoa is a free slideshow and collage maker that is ideal for image-focused presentation. In addition to regular features such as a convertable file, Kizoa also allows you to store and edit photos on the app. You can even remove a background online. This is great for users who want to keep their media organized. Additionally, you can add in music and text to help boost your presentation. Kizoa will even choose random transitions for you if you need help creating your slideshow.


SmileBox is an excellent program that features many different presentation and storage options for your photos and media. Along with the slideshow feature, users can also take the same media and create online scrapbooks, cards and invitations. This could be a great alternative to the best book publishing software. Best of all, SmileBox allows users to post their creations to a variety of sources. You can even burn the slideshow onto a DVD! If you are looking for a program that helps you create useful and creative presentations, this is the one for you.


If you are looking for a presentation program that boasts professionalism and simplicity, look no further than PhotoSnack. This online slideshow creator allows users to customize their presentations from a variety of templates while also creating photo albums for the uploaded images. If that is not enough, you can also use PhotoSnack on the go with their mobile-friendly service. This will allow you to upload and arrange images from your phone. That way, you can create a presentation anywhere, completely free!

If you are interested in creating a slideshow, you should definitely consider giving these free services a try. Photosnack is a great option for tech users on the go because of their mobile-friendly platform. However, SmileBox is great for more creative memorabilia. Even the more popular program, Prezi, is free of charge for professionals, students and regular tech users who want to create a slideshow. The next time you need to make a presentation, refer back to this post so that you can choose the perfect free platform for you.

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