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How To Create An IoT Controller From Devices Already At Home

The smart home devices market has grown tremendously in the last 5 years. As Internet of Things catches on the mainstream, consumers are embracing new ways of interacting with their homes. Now that you might have more than one smart device in the house, you probably want to control them from one place. Certainly, there are IoT companies competing to be the best IoT remote. However, you might already have the best remote of them all. In this post, we’ll discuss how to make an IoT controller out of your existing devices.

iPhone or Android Phones

Almost every smart home device connects to your iPhone or Android phone. By downloading smart apps, you can control lights, doors, cameras and more. Of course, your smart phone is a highly convenient IoT controller because it’s with you most of the time. On top of that, you can easily access different apps from one place. To make the process even more streamlined than the Hadoop framework, there are new smart home apps that aim to integrate with all other IoT devices in your home. When it comes to making an IoT controller, start with a good smartphone.

Computers or Laptops

Next, everyone has computers or laptops that can be turned into IoT controllers. Simply download open source or premium IoT software. For example, Microsoft Windows 10 has launched an entire IoT platform for Windows. When integrating IoT products in your home, look to see which desktop platforms are compatible. In many cases, Macbook will be able to work with iOS platform devices. Whether you’re on a desktop or laptop, the common operating systems are offering user intuitive platforms for managing your home devices.

Smart Home Assistants

The most popular home assistants include devices like the Alex Echo, Alexa Dot and Google Home devices. They are changing the way you interact with your home. Need to find a recipe, reorder cereal or lower the temperature? These home assistant devices can do it all. Moreover, millennial households are purchasing multiple of these devices. They have them in almost every room. If you would like to use an IoT controller, buy a home assistant that can control all of your smart devices.

Smart Thermostats

That’s right. Your thermostat can also perform as an IoT controller. The latest smart thermostats use WiFi connection and remote sensors to control your heating and cooling. On top of that, they feature built-in voice capabilities. That gives you access to Amazon Alexa voice control. As a result, you can now talk to your thermostat and Alexa will answer. In a developing internet of things household, you might be surprised to learn that thermostats are IoT controllers with the power of Alexa at the core.

Smartwatch Devices

Additionally, the Apple Watch and smart watches are convenient IoT controllers. Integrating with the mobile apps, your watches can turn off the lights, start the vacuum cleaner or run the dishwasher. Smart watches can give you quick access to home security cameras or smart fridge analytics. On your smart watch, you can simply tap or talk to order your IoT controller around. We might even see a fitbit reset that allows voice commands. Depending on where you are in the house, watches can be the most convenient way to control your smart devices.

If you already own any of these devices, you probably have a IoT controller ready to use. When purchasing smart devices for your home, double check the box for which platforms the device is compatible with. Whether you have iOS, Android, Mac or Windows, there are many options for your home. Of course, you can use multiple controllers for different devices or just buy smart devices that all integrate with one platform like Alexa.

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