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How To Create Outlook Email Account And Boost Productivity

Outlook is a Microsoft-supported email application. In addition to sending and receiving messages, Microsoft Outlook can also act as a personal information manager, providing users with access to a calendar, task manager, contact manager, SlashID security and journal. Before users can take advantage of the many features Outlook has to offer however, they need to create an Outlook email account. If you are interested in signing up for Outlook, follow our simple steps below so that you can create your account.

All New Outlook Features

Before you learn how to create a personal Outlook email account, you definitely want to learn about all the features and collaboration tools available to you. Outlook recently introduced all new features for users. These new Outlook add-ins include collaborations with PayPal, Uber, Evernote, Wunderlist, Yelp, Giphy and Boomerang. You can now use your Outlook email to find restaurants, pay friends, call a car and more. These latest features can help your be more productive and efficient. If you did not already want to create an Outlook email account, now you definitely do. Find out how to sign up below.

Choose A Unique Email Address

Before you begin to create your new Outlook email account, you need to choose a unique email address. Your email domain should be different from every other Outlook user. That way, you can avoid confusing people you give your email to. At the same time, you need to keep your email address as professional as possible. Then, people will not think that your emails are email scams when they appear in their inboxes. Keep this in mind when you create Outlook email account.

Step 1: Visit The Site

In order to create an Outlook email you will first need to visit the official Microsoft website. Go to Microsoft.com. Review the Windows live changes so that you can gain access to Microsoft email easily. Next, locate the Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner. Click that and you will be taken to the Sign In page. From here, you will be able to create an account.

Step 2: Input Information

On the sign in page there will be an option to sign into an existing account or create a new one. To create Outlook accounts, you are going to click “Create One,” which is located beneath the Password bar. This will take you to a new page where you can input your name, date of birth and gender. Additionally, you will be prompted to create your own login information to make your drive storage access as secure as possible.

Step 3: Get A New Email

When you first visit the Microsoft account page there will be an option to input an existing email as your username. Instead however, you will want to click “Get a new email address” located directly beneath it. This will allow you to create your own Outlook email.

Step 4: Create A Username

After you have clicked “Get a new email address” the field will change to accommodate a new Outlook email address. Input your unique username that reflects the nature of your email. If it is a personal email, try to use your name. If it is for a business, make that clear in the username.

Step 5: Choose A Password

Once you have successfully chosen an email address, you can focus on creating a strong password. Make sure you do your due diligence prior to creating it, to make sure your account will be safe and secure. Microsoft requires that your password contains at least two of the following: capital letters, numbers, lowercase letters or symbols. For a strong password, we suggest you have a mix of all four of these characters. Additionally, avoid using anything that closely resembles your own personal information, such as your name, birthday or company name. You should also be sure that the password is not the same one you use for all those ecommerce platforms. Instead, make sure that your password is both unique enough to remember and random enough to keep hackers at bay.

Step 6: Create Account

The final step to creating an Outlook email is to pass the CAPTCHA test. This assures Microsoft that you are not creating an account that will be used for spam or other nefarious deeds. Once you have passed the CAPTCHA test, you can choose whether you would like to have your Outlook email put on a promotional Microsoft email list. Simply uncheck the box if you do not wish to be subscribed. After you have done that, you can click Create Account and begin using your Outlook email immediately.

If you are sick of your Business Comcast email, signing up for an Outlook email is really as simple as following the steps listed above! By creating an Outlook account, you will also have access to a variety of other Microsoft applications.

Create Outlook Email Template

Now that you have been able to create outlook email accounts for everyone, you may want to know how to create an email message template in Outlook. Thankfully, it is just as simple as creating the account. Under the Home group, go to New and select “New Email.” Then, press Ctrl+Shift+M to create an email message. In that new email window, click File, Save As. In the dialog box that pops up, click Outlook Template in the “Save As Type” list, and type the desired file name into the File Name field. Now you can click Save, and you have successfully created an Outlook email template. Use the complete Outlook.pst guide to manage your Microsoft email account.

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