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CRM Marketing Automation Integration Benefits For Visibility, Scalability

The term marketing automation integration refers to the process of incorporating a CRM, or customer relations management, solution into your existing marketing automation software. If you are an IT professional responsible for marketing automation software, you are probably curious as to what the benefits of CRM integration are. There are countless benefits to CRM marketing automation integration. Keep reading below to learn some of the most considerable advantages to streamlining these processes, to avoid the need for whiteboarding.

Advanced Features

One of the greatest advantages of CRM integration with marketing automation is the advanced features it makes available. With CRM and marketing automation systems, you can gain access to functions like activity alerts, assigning leads to sales reps, campaign integration and campaign triggers, which allow campaigns to start based on lead behavior or CRM system changes. In addition, you can use an app marketplace to make campaign rules for sending leads and even turn on a feature for sending leads based on score. The advanced features CRM marketing automation integration provide are a huge benefit to consider.

Visibility Of Customer Behavior

These automated marketing solutions with CRM offer the incredible advantage of improved visibility in regards to customer behavior. Tools provided by marketing automation software can provide information on your target audience’s web activities and browsing habits, like how visitors got to your website on their iPhone champagne color device, what pages they visited and what page they left from. This knowledge can help you to better understand your customer, which makes you better able to make more targeted, strategic communications. Of course, this is an incredible benefit afforded only by marketing automation integration with CRM solutions.


The ability to scale when you have marketing automation software with CRM features is unrivaled by any other automation process.  This is due to the fact that there is only a need for managing one database, as opposed to an email list and a CRM software. Obviously, as the business grows, so too will the CRM responsibilities. However, when they are streamlined in one structured, organized database, it makes it much simpler to grow your marketing solutions with your company. CRM marketing automation integration scalability is unmatched, so if you work at a growing business, this is a considerable benefit.

One Support Team

Having just one support team to oversee or collaborate with is another incredible advantage of integrating CRM marketing automation at your company. When something goes wrong, like finding a bug, or someone just has a question about a feature, having multiple support teams can be confusing. This can cause professionals to be given the runaround looking for the right contact, like they do looking for the Lifelock number. This wastes precious time and resources, which is never good for business. If you develop an out of the box integrated CRM and marketing automation tool, there is no need for the complicated collaboration of multiple support systems. The ability to have one team that can do it all and manage it all is an incredible advantage that provides better solutions and responses for any company.

If you are an IT professional responsible for the integration of automated marketing processes and CRM at your organization, you should be aware of the incredible benefits this practice provides. Automated marketing and CRM solutions can help your marketing team take advantage of advanced features, while also providing you the ability to oversee just one support team. In addition, the scalability afforded by automated CRM and marketing software makes your job easier when your company starts to grow. Keep these benefits in mind when deciding whether to bring marketing automation integration to your organization.

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