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3 Crucial SEO Tactics To Get The Most Out of Your Blog

The vast majority of bloggers out there are really inexperienced when it comes to proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a blog set up is one thing, but actually generating organic traffic to it from the search engines is another. In this post we will go over 3 crucial SEO strategies in order to get the most out of your blog.

Optimize Meta Tags To Build Your Foundation

To start, ensuring that your meta tags are optimized to their fullest potential will help separate you from much of your competition. These meta tags are really what reveals to Google (and other major search engines) what you’re trying to rank for and what a given page is all about. This is an essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice to rank for terms related to your content. Let’s go over the specific meta tags in a bit more detail below.

  • Title Tags: The Title Tag holds the most weight in the mighty eyes of Google and should contain your most important keyword phrases. The Title Tag is seen in the search results as the blue clickable text and can also be seen in your browser tab. You generally want to keep these as close to 70 characters as possible without exceeding that limit. Tie in your most important keywords here without stuffing or forcing them in.
  • Meta Descriptions: The Meta Descriptions are the small snippet of text seen below the Title Tag in the search results. Meta Descriptions help encourage user click-through so you want to make sure these are compelling and unique per page. Make these as close to 160 characters as possible without going over.
  • Header Tags: The Header Tags are the only front end facing or visible tag on a website (compared to the other tags laid out). By HTML definition, they are generally the main headings on any given page or blog post. Header Tags also hold a lot of weight and should be optimized with your target terms in place. It’s also important to make sure these read naturally since people will be able to see them when viewing your webpages.
  • Image ALT Tags: Every image on your website should contain a keyword rich Image ALT Tag. This explains to Google what your image actually is and helps add additional relevancy to your website as a whole.

Consistent Content Optimization & Creation

Any existing content you have on your website should be optimized properly with an appropriate amount of target keywords and internal links. Adding your target keywords (without overdoing it) will add more relevancy to the actual page and will really stress to Google what the page is about. Internally linking to other relevant pages on your website will help users navigate your site more efficiently and also spread some link juice.

Next, the focus should be on consistently creating high-quality content.  As a blogger, this is absolutely mandatory and especially if you want to see organic growth. The recommendation is to publish at the very least, one quality blog post per week. If you can do more, that’s even better. Try to make all of your posts 500 words or more. You’ll see overtime that with more digital content (that’s fresh and properly optimized), more traffic will begin flooding into your website.  As long as your articles are valuable, relatable and engaging, sky is the limit with how much organic traffic you can generate.

Link Building For Higher Search Engine Rankings

Assuming your meta tags are properly optimized and you have a sufficient amount of content on your website, you should now focus on link building. Link Building can really help drive higher search engine rankings and especially if you’re obtaining links from high authority websites. A really simple and natural link building strategy is guest posting. Guest posting involves researching websites related to your niche and reaching out to see if you can have an article published on their website. Within your article, you will link to your website and once the article goes live, you will have built a quality backlink. Put the necessary effort into link building on a monthly basis and do this over a long period of time for the best results. This is a long-term strategy but the results can really be impressive!

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