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Ways Custom Software Development Increases Competitive Advantage

Whether the client is at the enterprise or small business level, custom software development can help drive value that  increases competitive advantage. This is even true of custom story telling software. While there are many standard software solutions available, many companies choose to implement custom solutions tailored to their own needs. Instead of working around generic software, customization allows you software to work around the company.


This kind of software the one that you don’t notice at all. It just works, allowing team members to think about the things that are most important. If the company’s available applications and programs fit perfectly, the result is a happy, more profitable and secure client.

Where to most companies implement customize software solutions? There are several areas to incorporate custom software within any company. Similar to cloud collaboration tools, the develop solutions can help lower costs, improve efficiency, increased revenue or mitigate risk. Depending on the company’s needs, it may decided to implement bespoke software in one or many of the following areas:

  • Enterprise-level solutions
  • Systems integration
  • Database infrastructure development
  • Business intelligence
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Content management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resource operations hi
  • Marketing tasks
  • Research support
  • Engineering development

Most of these business areas are backend processes. Keeping that in the back of our mind, it makes sense that the custom development should create software that supports business actions. If working properly,  company team members do not have to think twice about the software they are using. It helps them get more done in less time, or at least in the same amount of time.

While the upfront costs may be expensive, ranging between $10,000 and hundreds of thousands of dollars, for software like the Dbase System, improved productivity can be extremely worthwhile. These custom solutions can create innovative processes that help separate a company from the competition. Since other companies may not be making similar investments, the client stands to gain a new edge.

Fingent Corporation

Fingent Corporation is just one of many enterprise custom software development companies. However, they are certainly one that you should look into if you are considering custom development services. Fingent has a minimum project rate of just $10,000, which is on the low end of the spectrum. In addition, their average hourly rate starts at just $25/hr. If you want affordable custom software, web and mobile development services, consider Fingent based out of White Plains, New York.

Customized SaaS Options

For companies that already use off-the-shelf software or software-as-a-service (SaaS), customized software options are still available. Many software providers offer customize station options for solutions like content management, CRM, job portals, real estate portals, business applications, etc. These solutions can act as hybrid cloud computing or in house dedicated resources, depending on your minimum requirements. The best solution is varies from client to client.

Fully Custom Software Development

Whether its a start up or established business, organizations can use custom software development for a variety of purposes. Many providers are happy to help their clients throughout the entire development life cycle. This cycle includes concepts and planning all the way to development as well as integration. Of course, full service custom development software requires a high level of dedication from the right partners.

Custom software development must help achieve business goals. In order for companies to calculate a return on investment, it has to help contribute to the bottom line. Using advanced sales tools, custom developers will show you just how their development team will achieve break even point and cost savings in a set time frame. Odds are, they will be using their own developed applications too.

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