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6 Outreach Software Solutions Than You Need To Gain Customers Easily

Increasing ties with local customers helps to attract more business by bringing opportunities to their attention the second you get wind of a special promotion or great opportunity.

The first tangible thing that you want to do to enhance your customer relationships is to build a network of past, current and potential customers so that you can market nuanced material to each group and reap better results. Just like new fitness technology, there are plenty of technology solutions to help you out in this area.

6 Customer Outreach Technologies to Implement Soon

Two ways of building a network and nurturing customer relationships are turning over your customer network to a customer relationship management system and, secondly, creating an email marketing campaign (both found below).

The benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) software are enormous and include things like better client relationships, more up- and cross-selling opportunities, more efficient customer service, and less overhead. Those are all fantastic.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) as a general customer outreach practice refers to strategies taken by businesses to better manage and analyze customer interactions. These can include real-world and online interactions since both are relevant for increasing your sales.

So, while the end goal behind customer relationship management is increased sales there are many different paths to get there.

A great way to seamlessly record the most relevant data on your customers and have it automatically analyzed on a hybrid cloud system —thus, saving you time and effort—is with customer relationship management software.

Customer relationship management software can vastly improve your customer outreach by doing the following things: providing marketing automation, automating certain sales processes, and aggregating all of your customers’ information in one intuitive dashboard.

Collaborate With Customers

Collaborating with your customers does two things—it gives you more information on your customers and it engages them further, which puts them closer to your business.

Try to get customers to participate in surveys, competitions, and giveaways. Make sure to request their contact information and anything else you want to know. If after collecting all of this customer information, you still feel you’re lacking something…

Consult A Market Research Agency

Market research agencies can help analyze your customer data, provide marketing consultations, and even conduct workshops to get you up to speed on the latest ways to market your business. Contacting someone in the business consulting industry can also help reinvigorate your customer outreach.

If you feel you need a push in a particular area like social media outreach, then consider taking onboard a social media manager to increase your customer engagement online and run interference for you when it comes to posting online and responding to social media comments.

Start Using GPS Apps

The other really cool thing about customer relationship management software is that you can take all of that customer information, and those fresh insights that your CRM software has churned out, and incorporate that information into a location-based GPS app. This is much more helpful than story telling software.

The practice of sending out different offers to different customers based on their locations is called location-based marketing. Isn’t that all really hard to do?

A location-based marketing app is incredibly easy to use once you’ve gathered and analyzed customer data with CRM software. So, why use these things? A location-based internet marketing app can increase your conversions by over 25%—multi-channel marketing in general has been proven to increase your customer retention by around 130%!

So, if you’re in the business consulting industry you can expect higher sales and greater customer retention by taking location into account. You can, moreover, get all of the benefits of multi-channel marketing by taking onboard…

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Automated email marketing campaigns are just that, automated. It’s not like writing a letter where you have to sit down and manually compose each and every letter individually. That takes a lot of time and energy away from your core business objectives.

Instead, automated email marketing campaigns increase your customer outreach with targeted email messages based upon how receptive that particular customer is or if that customer already knows about your business.

As an example, someone who doesn’t at all know about your business consulting industry will get an email with a broad overview of what you do and how you can help. Someone more conversant with you and your business model will get more nuanced and detailed emails that urge the reader to take more direct action.

Email marketing increases your outreach in two more ways—the messages are shareable on social media and, secondly, those same messages are trackable/measurable so you’ll know what’s working and be able to tweak the rest!


BuzzSumo is another outreach software that can help improve your traffic, although indirectly, much like Leadpages vs Unbounce. BuzzSumo allows you to test blog titles. You can also use the software to find out how well certain topics are performing at a given time. This helps you write the most searched for, cared about posts possible. The more information you have when blogging, the better. Blogging will give your business more credibility and more odds at reaching interested customers. That is why BuzzSumo is a must have research tool to gain more page traffic.

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