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Where To Buy Customized Earbuds In Bulk For Promotional Products

With new technology emerging daily, headphones and earbuds are ever changing in color, style and function. Websites today are making is easy to customize your earbuds adding text, image or even a logo. Read on to discover the newest way to make your customized earbuds completely and uniquely your own so you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite gamesites in style.


Several companies allow you to customize your earbuds and order them in bulk for promotional purposes. Here you can choose between six different colors for the earbuds themselves and add to the packaging to include your own message or company logo. Customizable headphones are an easy and fun way to promote any company or organization.

Customized Headphones

Headphones are also easily customized to your style. Some websites allow you to personalize your headphones with your name, your favorite lyrics or any other text you’d like to showcase. These are great for a full sound experience when listening to soundwire. This helps you add a personal touch to an otherwise common accessory.


InkHead is one place to go to shop for customized earbuds. The site offers all types of customized headphones, including earbuds, on-ear headphones and over-the-ear headphones. They also offer customized headphone accessories like music splitters, headphone huggers and headphone cases. If you want to buy customized earphones for your business or personal use, consider visiting the Inkhead website.


Skullcandy is an earbud and headphone company that offers various designs for both wireless and wired earbuds. Some wireless earbuds come equipped with a strap that goes around the neck, to keep the earbuds in place, while others dangle a short wire for convenient volume control. The Skullcandy earbud sets are offered in a variety of color combinations so you can find one that feels uniquely you.

Earbud Storage

While many earbud companies allow you to choose the color and style of your earbuds, if you’d like to take customization a step further, you can purchase unique storage for your earbuds to match your geek t-shirts.  Etsy offers creative and fun storage options, which include, zippered pouches, personalized leather cable organizers and monogrammed earbud cases. Some accounts even sell branded earbuds ranging from Apple to JVC, uniquely wrapped in various colors of yarn for added personalization.

Custom-Fit Earbuds

In recent years, companies have found ways to custom-fit earbuds to your exact ear shape. This helps to avoid common issues like earbuds constantly falling out or hurting your ears. This is a problem with even the best headphones, unfortunately. One company allows you to mold earbuds to your ear by heating a mold in hot water, snapping them onto the earphones and shaping them to your ear. These earbuds are also re-moldable so you can remold them over and over again to get the perfect shape. Revols, another custom-fit earbud company, uses an app to give you wireless headphones with a perfect fit. These earbuds mold to your ears in just 60 seconds. Customized earbuds that custom-fit to your ear shape are just another way technology has helped evolve headphones to become even more practical.

Whether you’re looking to customize your headphones for promotional purposes or just to fit your own unique style, there are many ways to do so. You can order earbuds online and hand them out at a company event to spread brand awareness. You can order earbuds using sites like Skullcandy and pick your favorite color and design. Or, you can store your earbuds in a unique case or even custom-fit your earbuds to your ears. No matter how you choose to do it, customizing earbuds and the most expensive headphones is a fun way to add a personal flair to an item you use everyday.

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