Wednesday , 29 March 2023

Why Data Discovery Apps Are The Latest Trend In Business Intelligence

Decision makers need the right facts, insights and trends to make decisions. Business intelligence focuses on finding information the decision making process. As IT experts, we have to provide the best analytics and intelligence possible. Luckily, our jobs are getting easier with data discovery apps. Previously, there was plenty of information and reporting available to decision makers. However, the information was not utilized to full potential. Now, these apps are making it easier to deliver the right data in various formats that can be used for decision making.

Data Discovery App Integration

To get started, data discovery can be used to integrate with various apps. In order to get retrieve and review custom reports, apps enable to you to link data between different platforms like Raven Software. For example, your CRM data could be linked to various different business applications. This would allow decision makers to cross reference data from different profiles and records. Using a robust data app, they can also generate reports based on the integrations between business apps for higher understanding.

Advanced Data Preparation

Once your data discovery app has been integrated, it has the ability to pull from many external sources of data. This takes all the work out of data integration and preparation. When the proper sources of data are connected, the app can quickly and efficiently organize the unstructured data into visual charts, graphs and summaries. This could impress the highest level of tech guys at the latest supercomputing conference. And, it makes preparing data for analysis easy as can be.

Automating Analytics Reports

Data discovery platforms automate report generation. You might receive several requests for technical and analytics reports. These reports can take hours or days to fulfill each request. To save time, running a search-based data discovery app, you can create analytics and visualizations in minutes. The level of automation offered by data discovery software can facilitate decision making and save time for the IT department too. It’s a win-win.

Emphasizing Big Picture Trends

Unlike traditional business intelligence information, data discovery uses an unstructured approach. Rather than operating from information in silos, the data discovery app can use information from various sources and then put together the big-picture trends for team members to analyze. The data is presented in easy to understand and user-friendly visualizations. When they are viewed by decision makers, the abstract data becomes useful insights to make well informed decisions.

Accelerate Decision Making

Most of all, data discovery platform apps empower businesses to make decisions faster. As we have seen the rise of IaaS or Insights as a Service, the quick preparation, visualization and guidance of data makes the decision process faster overall. Since organizations are saving time and resources on deploying analytics manually, many of the concerns about data acquisition and sourcing can be eliminated. The increased data accuracy leads to smarter decisions in much faster lead times, accelerating the speed of the business.

The data discovery app trends are making a big impact on business intelligence. Since these apps integrate with many enterprise and external data sources, it can provide information in new ways of structuring data while using event driven architecture. It saves plenty of time on the collection and preparation of data for analysis, making our jobs as IT admins much simpler. Further more, data discover apps automate analytic reports while emphasizing the big picture trends and speeding up the decision making process. It’s no wonder why data discover apps are a hot trend for intelligence right now.

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