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Finding The Right DB 9 For Your PC Electrical Connections Project


A DB-9 connector is a type of D-subminiature connector. While these connectors will not help you with Swiftstack applications, a DB-9 was once used for a variety of purposes on PC’s. These connectors were often used to connect devices to the computer, such as keyboards, mice, and similar. There are still modern purposes for a DB-9 connector, however. If you are interested in learning more about this particular type of connector, let this post serve as a guide.

What Is A DB-9 Connector?

As mentioned above, a DB-9 connector is a type of D-Subminiature connector frequently used in the past. DB-89 connectors were included on PC’s as a universal connector. However, now they have all but been replaced by USBs, Firewires and similar. A DB-9 Connector has, as the name implies, nine pins or endpoints. Each of these pins is responsible for a different transmission or receipt. These prongs make up the DB-9 connector and allow it to do its job.

What Does DB-9 Actually Mean?

DB 9 is a type of connector, as you learned above. However, if you really want to know how to properly identify all types of connectors, you should learn what the term DB 9 means. This will help you to generalize the knowledge and figure out which connector fits your particular needs. As you know, technology grows business, so this knowledge will certainly come in handy. D, in DB-9, indicates the series that the connector belongs to, obviously, in this case, the connector belongs to the D series. Then, the second letter, in this case, the letter B, refers to the shell size of the connector. A means 15 pins, B indicates 25 pins, C equals 37, D means 50 and E indicates 9 pins. The number in DB-9 also indicates 9 pins in numerical form. Now that you know how the term DB-9 is generated, you can use this knowledge to determine the right connector for its intended use.

What Is D-Subminiature?

D-Subminiature is a name for a common group of electrical connectors. The name D-Subminiature was given to the connectors due to the D-shaped encasing that surrounds the prongs. These connectors are called subminiature because, at the time they were first introduced, they were the smallest ever used on a computer. Their are many different varieties of D-Subminiature connectors, not just the DB-9. There are over seventeen different types of D-Subminiatures. All of them are electrical connectors, yet each has a specific use.

What Do The Prongs Do?

The prongs in a DB-9 connector have different roles. There are nine prongs in all. Each prong has a different responsibility. In the male part of a DB-8 connector, pin one acts as a data carrier detector. Pins two and three receive and transmit data, respectively. Pin four is referred to as data terminal ready, while pin five is referred to as ground. Pin six acts to ensure the data set is ready and pin seven transmits the request to send. Pin eight then ensures the electrical signal is clear to send. Finally, pin nine acts as the ringing indicator. Each of these prongs have different roles, yet they all work together to ensure proper electrical flow in semiconductors and other devices.

Not To Be Confused

Be sure not to confuse the DB-9 connector with another, perhaps more well-known, DB 9. The Aston Martin DB9 is a beautiful, expensive luxury car. You surely have heard of the car company Aston Martin before. The DB9 is lauded as the world’s most timeless GT. The luxury car is available in four different models, the DB9 GT Bond Edition, the DB9 GT, DB9 and DB9 Carbon Edition. If you like luxury cars, you surely would never get the Aston Martin DB9 confused with a DB 9 connector.

Where Can I Buy A DB-9 Connector

If you are in the market for a DB-9 connector, you are in luck. There is a whole slew of vendors online that sell these older forms of technology still used by many semiconductor companies. However, if you are looking to get your hands on a DB-9 connector as soon as possible, it may be a bit more difficult to find in-store. Perform a quick Google search for “DB-9 connector” and you will find a long list of websites that have it in stock. You can also use the search to show you which brick-and-mortar stores have them in stock. A store like Radioshack, or similar, is probably your best bet. As long as you do not have an urgent need for the DB-9 connector, you will have no problem finding them for sale online.

The DB-9 connector is a type of D-Subminiature electrical connectors. These were previously used on PC’s to connect keyboards and the like to the actual computer. However, there are still some uses for these connectors, including for a VoIP server. If you have a need for a DB-9 connector, conduct a quick Google search and choose the site with the lowest price. You will not have a shortage of options to purchase from. If you are still using DB-9 connectors, tell us in the comments. What do you currently use them for? We would love to hear from you.

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