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Users Who Rent A PC Avoid Up Front Costs For Newest Tech Equipment



Maybe you are looking to start a business but do not know where to start when it comes to technology. You may want to consider programs that allow you to rent a PC. Rental companies offer various business technologies including laptops, tablets and PCs for rent at a low price on a daily or monthly basis. Oftentimes these rentals include useful firewall management features, as well. If you need a PC to start up your business, consider the pros and cons listed below. You will be better able to decide whether or not to rent a PC.

Pro: Low Upfront Cost

The first advantage is a primary reason many business owners consider renting PCs in the first place. It costs far less money up-front to rent a PC than it does to buy one. Companies like Rent-A-Center offer free set-up and service when you rent a PC. They may even provide you with a rent-to-buy option. This option allows you to pay off the total cost of your PC over the course of a few months. If you are a startup business owner without much capital to invest in technology, some plans to rent a PC may be right for you.

Con: Long Term Expenses

Although technology grows business, if you rent a PC but do not intend to buy it, renting can stretch your wallet far more than you realize. It may cost less upfront. However, when you rent a PC it could actually run you up to 3 or 4 times more than the retail price of the computer. Because of this, renting a PC is usually best for short term commitments. The longer you own the item, the more you will end up paying. Budget wisely and decide if you should really rent a PC. If you want something permanent you may want to forego the rental process and make the full purchase instead.

Pro: Up-to-Date Equipment

When you need to keep up with the fast-paced growth of the technology industry, there is no better option than to rent a PC. When you rent a PC you are providing yourself with the freedom to choose from the latest high-tech equipment at a much faster rate than purchasing would allow. Depending upon your rental agreement, you can opt out of one PC for a newer version at any time. This will help keep your office up-to-date. It will save you the hassel of selling or recycling old PCs, as well. If you want the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips whenever you want, it is definitely a good choice to rent a PC.

Con: No Tax Write-Offs

If you are still not sure about spending the extra cash to buy a PC, consider this fact. Unlike rentals, PC purchases for business can be tax exempt. Under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, the full purchase price of newly purchased assets, like computer equipment, can be deducted from your taxes in the first year. Even if your particular purchase does not fall under those IRS requirements, there are often other tax break options available through depreciation deduction. Come April 15th you will be glad you decided to purchase instead of rent.

Pro: Great For Temporary Offices And Trips

If you have a business that moves around or if you are uncertain about your current location, it may be the perfect time for you to rent a PC. Renting your hardware equipment will provide you with flexibility as your employees or offices change, instead of you being stuck reformatting computer processes all the time. It will also be beneficial for business trips and other short-term needs like training courses. When you rent a PC you will have a reliable resource for the technology you need at all times.

Renting Virtual PCs

Now, you can rent more than just traditional PCs. A company named Blade is now experimenting with allowing gamers to rent powerful virtual machines. This way, they do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a high-performance gaming PC. Instead, they can rent a virtual machine for a monthly fee, much like Dropbox pricing, that allows you to experience the same high-quality gaming performance through the Cloud not local hardware. If you are looking to rent a gaming PC, or just want to rent a virtual machine itself to bulk up your IT resume, consider renting a virtual machine through the cloud gaming rentals offered by Blade.

Places To Rent A PC

If you want to rent a computer, you should only go to the most reputable rental centers. In addition to your local Rent-A-Center, you can also rent computers online from places like Rush Computer Rentals or RentAComputer. These two sites allow you to complete the entire process online. You can find out what desktops they have available. Rush even provides laptop rentals, Apple rentals, workstation rentals, server rentals, audio/visual rentals, display rentals, copier rentals and much more. No matter what you need to rent, make sure you visit a reputable rental service, like those mentioned above.

Rent-To-Own Options

So you are obviously considering renting a PC for whatever reason. But have you ever thought of a rent-to-own program? Rent-A-Center offers rent-to-own PCs, which the competition Rent-A-PC does not. They have a wide selection of all the newest technology, including micro PC, touch screen PCs and all-in-one desktops. You can also visit Rent-A-Center for rent-to-own laptops, speakers and even tablets, so you can finally download the top Momentus apps you have been wanting. If you want to experience the low-cost benefits of renting a PC, but still want the experience of owning your own device, consider a rent-to-own PC from Rent-A-Center.

The pros and cons to rent a PC are plentiful. If you are looking to start up a new business it may be a good option for you. However, consider the disadvantages before you commit to anything. You may find that it will cost more to rent a PC in the long run.

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