Tuesday , 22 June 2021

How To Design Vehicle Wraps That Build Brand Awareness

Graphic vehicle wraps are a great way to build brand awareness for a business. These plastic and vinyl adhesives are an effective way to display information on a fleet vehicle. For a business owner, a vehicle wrap can turn you fleet cars and trucks into mobile billboards to attract new customers. However, with so many companies on the road, it can be hard for your fleet to stand out to the customers. A few design decisions can ensure your wrap stands out from the pack though. Keep reading to learn how to design vehicle wraps that build brand awareness.

Focus On Your Copy

Keep the amount of text on the wrap very brief. Ideally, your wrap will only include your company name, tagline, and contact information. A viewer will only see the image for a few seconds, as the vehicle passes. As a result, complicated text won’t be readable. Even if the vehicle is parked, dense text will simply bore the viewer. The business vehicle graphics should be easy to read within a short time. The wrap is the first stage transitioning the viewer into a potential customer. Get them interested into the brand, they’ll locate the other information themselves.

Consider The Wrap From All Configurations

Think about all the various ways a viewer might see the wrap. This product is different from any other car gadget. This is meant to be seen by others. The wrap must be readable from every angle. You should also consider how the wrap will look with the doors or trunk open. The viewer might find your charming mascot less charming if opening the driver’s door makes him look decapitated. From a practical standpoint, the wrap also needs to have space for door handles and gas flaps. Otherwise you might have to disfigure the wrap to make it work.

Make It Big

Do not be afraid to make the image or logo big. A single, simple, image or drawing will best catch the eye. Focus on your company’s logo, or an object that the viewer will associate with your business. For this car accessory, you must keep the colors simple as well and avoid patterns or heavy detail. This will help the image stand out. When the vehicle is moving, the image will appear smaller to viewers. Therefore, it is so important to make sure the image is outsized and simple to compensate.

Link To Social Media

The most effective way to link the wrap to brand awareness is to tie it to social media. This is very easy these days. You can make a QR code and include it on the wrap that viewers scan to reach your mobile app. You can also include connections to social sites. A great way to then use social media to advertise the wrap is to post pictures of the vehicle in exciting places. If you want to get creative with your marketing, a wrap linked to social media can help build your brand awareness.

Use A Good Template

A well-designed wrap won’t be effective if it doesn’t fit the vehicle the right way. This is a graphic design that you can make specifically for your car. To make sure the wrap fits right, check to make sure your template fits the car perfectly. To build the template correctly, confirm that you have an accurate blueprint of the vehicle and take time to measure the vehicle for any deviations. These factors can then be used to tailor the template. Without this attention to detail your wrap will look bad on the vehicle.

A vehicle wrap can do a lot for your brand awareness if designed right. Limit the amount of ad copy or wording on the wrap. Make sure your design looks good no matter where the viewer is viewing the vehicle from. Keep your images big and simple. Link the wrap to social media to further drive brand awareness. Make sure the wrap looks professional by using an accurate template. With these tips you can produce a world class wrap to advertise your business.

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