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How Desktop As A Service Solutions Keep You Doing Business As Usual

Small to medium sized business owners should definitely consider Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, over traditional personal computer workstations. Remote hosted virtual desktops provide significant benefits over the old fashioned personal computer desktops. Keep reading below to find out the many benefits desktop as a service providers can bring to your business.

Lower Costs

Major hardware upgrades are one of the biggest financial burdens for any workplace IT department. Desktop as a service takes away the need for these routine and costly hardware upgrades. That lowers costs for your business. You will no longer have to worry about these large capital expenditures every time a new desktop operating system is released. The bottom line is always of utmost concern to business owners, so this is a benefit of DaaS solutions that you should certainly consider.

Increased Mobility

Desktop as a service solutions enable you and your employees to access your files from anywhere at all. This is a huge advantage DaaS providers, and VMDK, have over traditional desktop solutions. Being able to access desktop files at all times from all devices will help everyone get their work done no matter what. This is huge DaaS benefit that cannot be understated.

Enhanced Data Security

DaaS solutions allow you to worry less about the security of each and every device used in the workplace or elsewhere. Data security is handled by the desktop as a service providers. The cloud-based desktop solutions are kept secure at the data center location. These data centers utilize the highest levels of digital protections. These secure hosted environments will save you a ton of worry. This is certainly an advantage for every business owner concerned with cybercrime and cyber security.

Improved Productivity

Using desktop as a service can also lead to huge productivity improvements. When your employees are able to access their desktop from anywhere with internet, they can work from anywhere at all. That means less downtime when traveling for business. It also allows employees to work from home when they would have otherwise missed a day due to traffic, weather or illness. If you want to improve productivity at your business, DaaS advantages help you do just that.

Better Business Continuity

Using DaaS also provides the opportunity for business continuity upgrades. The availability of centralized desktop data backup is a huge advantage for disaster recovery. Instead of having a need for traditional disaster recovery services, this service is built in. You will never have to worry about something rendering your business unable to provide customers the services they want and need. If you want to keep doing business as usual no matter what, Remote hosted virtual desktops may be the answer you are looking for.

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, DaaS services can greatly improve day to day operations at your organization so that you never have to worry about the latency definition. Desktop as a service solutions have a ton of advantages over traditional desktop workspaces, as mentioned above. Consider the benefits of DaaS solutions to determine if desktop as a service providers can help you reach your business objectives.

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