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How Technology Changed Creativity Through Digital Art And Design


Art has certainly come a long way since the days of drawing on walls with coal in a cave. Now we have computers that allow us to draw and illustrate pictures right on our monitors without ever needing a real pen, crayon or marker, like the work we see every day in icon design. This is what is known as digital art because it is all taking place through a form of electronic media.

What Is Digital Art?

Digital art is any type of creative work that uses digital technology as an instrumental part of the creative process. This can even include infographic tools. Digital art is sometimes also referred to as computer art, multimedia art or, most recently, new media art. Digital technology has transformed traditional painting, drawing, sculpture and music. Digital art is the most profound example of technology’s impact.

So, how can digital art possible go to a higher level than this? We already have realistic looking video games and text animation. The 3d models that digital artists are creating seem to be getting more realistic every year. But, how much more realistic can they really get?

Digital Art For Sale

Where can you find digital art for sale? This is a question that many find themselves asking once they see the beautiful images created digitally. Thankfully, FineArtAmerica has digital art of all kinds for sale. You can find some of the best digital images online in this art marketplace. You can search by tags or by subjects to avoid finding basic works that just make use of the mirror image Photoshop tool. You can also sort the findings by price, to make sure you stay within your budget. If you like digital art and want to purchase some to decorate your home, office or apartment, visit the FineArtAmerica website. Sell your digital art to find online ecommerce success.


If you are looking for a little digital art inspiration, you can visit the Behance website on your micro computer to find it. This website features a ton of digital artworks from digital artists all over the world. You can “thumbs up” certain digital art pieces that you really enjoy, as long as you have an account. You can also learn more about the types of digital art that are possible. If you are an artist in need of inspiration for your next work of digital art, consider visiting the Behance website.

3D Printers

You have probably heard a little bit about 3d printers by now from research you did whenever you were last choosing a printer. These are actually manufacturing devices that can create physical objects based on the layout of a 3d model on the computer. In other words, it can manufacture a digital 3d model that you create on the computer into a physical object that you can hold in your hand. Not only that, but all of the functionality of the object can be duplicated if you have a more sophisticated 3d printer. These are the 3d printers that cost over $10,000 and require a high speed processor to operate. But even if you want to go with a lower class 3d printer you can still print out the objects and use them as memorabilia. Imagine your kids being able to draw their own action figures on the computer and then print them out to play with as real toys. No longer would they have to rely on the imaginations of the toy manufacturers to make their toys for them. They will be able to make their own on the computer as digital art and then turn them into a real toy. This is the next new wave of digital art that is going viral. It is the wave of turning art into something real.

Art Projections

Furthermore, visualization technology has transformed the creative process through art projections. Artwork no longer needs to be stationery or tangible for that matter. Now, digital media artists can take their work with them on their laptops. They can use projectors to display their work wherever they want. Digital art is ever progressing thanks to technological advancements. You can start a blog to showcase your digital art and profit simultaneously.

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