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Why Digital Asset Management Solutions Improve Business Efficiency


Digital asset management (DAM) is a business process that simplifies the storage, management and retrieval of digital files. These software programs are often used to help businesses archive and share media files such as video, audio, images and other rich media content. The creation of a centralized digital library has many benefits, but it can also have some disadvantages. To find out more about the pros and cons of digital asset management by an IT expert, keep reading below.

Pro: Organization

One major benefit of utilizing a digital asset management program is the organization it can help provide even the most file-laden supercomputer. Digital asset management software allows you to organize and keep track of your media files. This allows your most important files to be in an accessible place. Additionally, digital asset management software can reduce the risk of lost files. With the best software, you will never miss out on using the perfect image or audio clip for your projects. If you want to take control of your files, find a DAM program that is right for you.

Con: Unnecessary

Although it can be useful, DAM software is altogether unnecessary for some companies. There are very few things that can be done on a DAM program that cannot be done through a manual file management process. This is especially true if you use Swiftstack or similar at your organization. If you already have an effective file system in place, save the space on your computer for something more important.

Pro: Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency is another major advantage of having a digital asset management program installed. Most DAM software can be integrated into your other computer programs, allowing you to streamline the file management and storage process. This software can also help to save your employees time. Instead of searching through hundreds of files and folders, they can quickly access what they need with a DAM program. If you are interested in increasing productivity and efficiency, try implementing this useful business software at your company.

Con: Costly

Operating a digital asset management program is not something that can be done by just anyone. It requires an IT professional or big data analytics professional who help set up the program and keep it running smoothly. Some software is designed to be easy to use today, but many still require security patches, occasional tests and other general upkeep efforts from a professional. In addition to the employee cost, you should also keep in mind the cost of the software itself. Overall, the cost of maintaining software for digital asset management could potentially outweigh the benefits.

Pro: Security

Security is another positive feature. Along with project management organization and efficiency, these programs can also help with your security needs. DAM applications provide you with the opportunity to see who is viewing and editing your files. You can even place restrictions on individual users so that their actions are limited when working on certain files. To keep your files safe and secure, consider using digital asset management solutions.

To Learn More

If you want to learn more about digital asset management, there is a one stop shop for all your DAM needs. The Digital Asset Management website is an excellent resource to learn the DAM basics. It is also a great place to learn how to prepare for digital asset management. Then, once you become familiar with DAM software, you can use the site as a resource to stay in the loop on the latest updates and developments in the field of DAM and cyber security. Visit the Digital Asset Management website to learn more about the many facets of DAM processes.

Top DAM Software

You may want to try out digital asset management now that you have learned its many advantages. The best place to start your search is to find the best digital asset management software on the market. Thankfully, we did that for you. Here are the top digital asset management software available for business, consider these solutions if they are in your price range.

  • Canto Digital Asset Management
  • WebDAM
  • Bynder

These are some of the best DAM software on the market to manage all of your file system needs. The three products all have four and five star user reviews across many platforms. Consider your business needs and budget before choosing one of the top DAM software listed above.


WebDAM software is one of the most used open source DAM solutions for a reason. The program offers help at every stage of business to improve connected workflow and brand control. In addition, WebDAM promises to streamline operations, saving massive amounts of time by providing self serve access and automating fulfillment requests.

Digital asset management can be extremely beneficial for some companies, much like Smartops Inventory. However, it can be more of a hassle for others. Depending upon your business needs, you may find a DAM program that works great for you. The next time you are considering ways to simplify your file management process, look back on this list of pros and cons to see if this type of software can help.

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