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6 Easy Digital Camera Uses To Re-Purpose Your Old Devices

cctvWe all know that hard-working father figure in your life even if you fall on the unfortunate side of the digital divide. If you’re not lucky enough to have one, you probably know of one firsthand. A local, hard-working, businessman decided to run to a major home improvement store to pick up some supplies. Twenty minutes later, he came running out with a bag of seeds that he bought only to find that his car had been dented by someone in the parking lot.

Feeling bummed, the businessman frowned and hung out for little while, hoping to see somebody who would own up to the act. However, no one was there. A few guys in the parking lot said that since it was a home improvement store parking lot, this happens frequently. The businessman came home to his e-readers after an hour a little saddened.

After about another hour, his son came home. They were talking about the usual stuff when the son asked, “hey Dad, what happened to the van’s trunk?”

He replied, “Somebody hit it in the parking lot.”

The son quickly reminded the businessman that there are digital cameras outside the store and in the parking lot. The businessman was shocked, “they really have cameras in the parking lot there?” Clearly, this is another instance demonstrating just how much kids have surpassed their parents when it comes to learning technology.

The son replied, “Yes, do you want to head over there now?”

Driving together, they went back over to the parking lot and filed a police report. Sure enough, there were CCTVs. In fact, there was three or four cameras in the parking lot.

After meeting the police once they were done with their kid tracking case, they walked inside to meet the store manager on duty. The requested to see the video for the exact window of when the van was dented while parked. Obviously, the videos were not immediately released. However, the store manager was able to work with the businessman to fill out a statement and proceed with the investigation.

If it weren’t for the digital cameras, they would either be a dent in the door of the business man’s car along with a dent in his pocket – and for those of us that do not quite have enough money to hide in offshore accounts, every little penny counts. Instead, the dent will be removed at the cost of the person who caused the damage. In effect, the dents were removed because of the digital cameras.

So the next time you’re looking for a dent remover, maybe you should pick up a digital camera!

Surprising Digital Camera Uses

If you are looking for some new ways to repurpose your old digital camera, there are many solutions to consider. Sure, taking photos for your Facebook statuses is a great way to get more out of your digital camera, but when you have a camera phone with similar image quality, why bother? Using your digital camera to take pictures of accidental damage or to record property damage is just one of many. Here are some other ways to use your digital camera that are unique and do not require you spending any additional money:

  • Take pictures of addresses you need to remember to create a creative contact photo album.
  • Use digital photos of important documents as a substitute when you do not have access to a fax machine.
  • Document pre-exisiting damage in a rental property before you move in and after you move out.
  • Take a picture of a map before traveling, so you do not have to carry that big, embarrassing map around.

For Emergency Preparedness

You can also use digital cameras to ensure emergency preparedness. Digital cameras can be used to catalog your belongings, which will help you prepare for evacuations, filing insurance claims or making miss-person reports or even lost-pet reports. Take pictures of your home and everything in it, as well as your family, cars and pets. You can also use your digital camera to take pictures of your medication labels, so that you have the proper information needed in case of an emergency that requires you to leave without medication. These digital camera uses are incredible effective at helping you plan for emergencies. Make sure to add a digital camera and these photographs to your emergency kit that has a unique USB.

For Dental Use

Digital cameras even make an appearance in dentistry! Digital cameras can be used in the dental diagnosis process, unlike the camera on your outdated Nokia phone. Digital photography captures images in superb quality. That makes the images the perfect solution to help dentists catch problems they may have otherwise missed. Diagnosing with an explorer in the mouth can be inefficient compared to high definition photos. If you need to diagnose tiny occlusal pits, cracks and wear quickly, consider using a digital camera.

These are just some of many unconventional uses for digital cameras to help you get the most out of your expensive technology instead of using your LG phone camera. Let us know if you have any other creative ways you use your digital camera in the comments below!

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