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Adobe Bridge CC Digital Asset Management Simplifies Creative Process


Adobe Bridge is a digital asset management software that provides users with centralized access to their creative files. This application can also be used to link and manage other Adobe suites. Photographers, digital display advertising professionals and graphic designers find this software especially useful, but Adobe Bridge can help anyone manage their files. Adobe Bridge comes installed alongside the entire Adobe Creative Suite. However, many people do not realize that they can download Adobe Bridge separately at no cost. Adobe Bridge CC is a free, full version of this digital asset management software that you can access today. To learn how to download Adobe Bridge CC for free, keep reading.

Adobe CC Features

It is probably good to familiarize yourself with this Adobe digital asset management software before you download it. Bridge CC allows you centralized access to all of the files and assets required for creative project. You can use the top digital asset management software to organize personal or team assets, batch edit, add watermarks and set color preferences. When you are all finished with your creative project, you can even use Adobe Bridge to upload the finished product to Adobe Stock. If you need to keep organized and simplify your workflow process, download Adobe Bridge CC using the steps below and never have to use thumb drives again.

Step 1: Visit

In order to download Adobe Bridge CC you will have to go to the Adobe website. Make sure that you are on the official website so that you do not run the risk of accidentally downloading malware. You can find by using a search engine or simply typing in the URL. After you have located the correct website, you can begin the download process for Adobe Bridge CC.

Step 2: Locate Products

On the Adobe website there is a Menu button. You can locate all Adobe products on any heat maps by clicking the menu and selecting the “See All” option under the Products tab. From there, Adobe will reroute you to a page that lists all of their applications. Scroll down to locate Adobe Bridge and click on it. You should then be brought to a new page that is dedicated to information about Adobe Bridge.

Step 3: Download

Once you have been brought to the Adobe Bridge page you will notice that there is a “Download” button on the upper righthand corner. To begin your download, click this. Remember, Adobe Bridge CC is a completely free program. If you are prompted to enter payment information you may have clicked on the wrong application. Instead, Adobe will request that you enter your skill level with Adobe Bridge so that they can provide you with proper assistance.

Step 4: Create An Adobe Account

If you have found the correct application, Adobe will ask you to sign into your Adobe account or create a new one. If you do not have an Adobe account, choose the corresponding option and enter your information. The account creation process should only take a few minutes. Then, you will be asked to verify your email. After you have completed the necessary steps in creating your account, you should be able to complete your Adobe Bridge download and start the process to clean up Mac files on your computer.

Step 5: Install

Once your Adobe Bridge download is complete you can finish installing the application before designing your next internet marketing image. Adobe Bridge CC is compatible with all major computer systems. During the installation process, you will have the opportunity to adjust some of the application’s settings to help fit your needs. However, you may also choose to skip this step and save your adjustments for later. This depends completely on your personal preferences. After your installation is complete and you are happy with the application settings, you can begin to use Adobe Bridge CC at no cost.

Bonus Tutorials

We would be remiss to not mention the incredibly helpful Photoshop CC tutorials that come along with the software. Adobe offers Bridge CC, now known as Adobe Photoshop CC, users a plethora of tutorials to learn how creative professionals use the software for digital asset management. You can get more out of the software using the tips and tricks of the pros, which is never a bad thing. If you are going to download Adobe Bridge, make sure you check out some of these tutorials to make the most of all the digital asset management tools available to you.

Adobe Bridge CC is a hidden gem in Adobe’s Creative Suite. If you download this application for free, you will never have to pay a cent to use it. If you are in need of a digital asset management application for your creative projects since the recent Windows Live changes, consider downloading Adobe Bridge CC.

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