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Download A Wifi Analyzer Windows Software To Boost Mbps Speeds

Sometimes, there can be a major drop off from Ethernet internet connection to WiFi connections. Unlike a direct connection, WiFi connection operates on different channels. If your router is located in a crowded office building or apartment complex, interference on the channel could be slowing down your internet speed. In order to figure out the best channel for your router, individuals need to analyze WiFi connections. Quite simply, a WiFi analyzer windows software will troubleshoot many wireless internet related problems. Luckily, a simple download can get your internet speeds running much faster without an upgrade.

Wifi Scanning

To start, a Windows Wifi analyzer scans your networks. It will be show you what other wireless networks are in your area. It scans all the Wifi channels to identify which ones have the most interference from neighbors or other devices. Additionally, it provides the signal level of the other networks. As a result, you can position your router in a good area for maximum accessibility.

Windows Wifi Analyzer App

If you would like to use the windows app store, you can download a wifi analyzer there too. These apps have the ability to show channel graphs. The best part, they are designed to work specifically with the Windows 10 platform. Moreover, it works with all the Windows live changes. When running, you can identify the difference between the 2.4G and 5G wireless spectrum ranges that are available. Typically, the 5G network will have less interference. It is supported by less devices and can speed up your bandwidth download speeds.

Analyze 802.11ac Networks

Next, professional Wifi network software scans all the 802.11ac networks. They can provide detailed information on the WiFi signal (RSSI) and WiFi speed. If you would really like to optimize the speed of your Wifi, these scanners will reports the maximum rates across your network. The software measures the supported speed from your Wifi access point to your device. Of course, these tests could reveal some leaks or bottlenecks either at the modem, router or device adapter card. With the proper insights, you can optimize the 082.11ac network for it’s maximum capacity at the ISP level.

Check The AP List

A good WiFi analyzer for Windows offers an AP view. It will show you the security details for each wireless network near you. When configuring a new device, you can easily access the type of security configuration required, either WEP or WPA. Additionally, it could show the lack of security as well. These informational scanned details give you the ability to ensure your wifi networks are safe and secure too. With proper security, your cyber-security will remain strong and deter hackers from your network.

Troubleshoot Wifi Problems

Most importantly, the WiFi Analyzer Windows version troubleshoots most common wireless network problems. You can easily identify the source of the Wifi problem. The Wifi analyzer displays the router/access-point for your PC or laptop device. As you can imagine, the detailed information goes much further than the traditional “Manage Wireless Networks” settings in Control Panel. As a result, you have a go-to software to fix Wifi related problems. Once downloaded, you can keep your networking running smoothly and recover faster from any Windows connectivity issues.

These are the best WiFi Analyzer Windows software uses. You can fine tune your networking performance, fix common problems and find the best location for a router. Above all, it allows you to scan WiFi network channels to minimize interference. When used effectively, the Windows Wifi Analyzer download boosts your internet speed and security.

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