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How Eagle Eye Video Security Keeps Users Safe On The Go

After all the long search of finding the proper video security company, you have decided to go with Eagle Eye Networks. Whether you were referred by a friend or surveillance review websites, you decided to pull the trigger and enter the world of cloud security cameras. Now that you have your security cameras set up, you are able to watch video easily from your desktop and laptop.


But, would it not be easier if you could see everything right from your phone or tablet device? Of course, most people want the freedom to check their security cameras at any point in time. While many companies offer security camera solutions, Eagle Eye Networks also offers full mobile access, much like the best VoIP services.

Download The App

To get access to the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS, a different kind of watchkit, the cloud-based video surveillance software, download the app via the Apple app store or Android app store. Both versions, the android app and iPhone app, have been tested to work on the majority of phones. Additionally, the apps are also optimized for iPads and other tablet devices. You should have no issue being able to watch your video on these larger screens too. With this kind of flexibility in your hand, you can see what is going on in front of your camera from anywhere (as long as you have Wi-Fi or phone service).

Making Video Security Easy And Accessible

By providing these apps, Eagle eye networks has made video security much easier for everyone. Utilizing cloud solutions for hybrid hardware and services, they also allow you to deploy analytics, motion sensor data and notifications easily. The software is all web based which means that you do not have to download anything either (except for the apps, of course). On top of that, the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS also works with a wide range of cameras.

Cloud Storage Video Surveillance

One of the largest benefits of Eagle Eye cloud surveillance is its flexibility and scalability for business use. The company offers on-site and cloud storage options for your video surveillance needs. So no matter how much your company grows, Eagle Eye will grow with your needs as well. You will never have to worry about not having a particular surveillance video available if such a need arises thanks to Eagle Eye’s superior storage capabilities. There is no limit to what you can do with cloud video surveillance that utilizes the utmost in cyber security tactics to keep that data safe.


The Eagle Eye NuboCam is a security camera that connects to 4G/LTE mobile networks as well as WiFi. No matter where you need the extra surveillance security or where you need to access the camera itself, you stay connected with this device. All that the NuboCam requires is a power source. That kind of telepresence is unbeatable. This small surveillance device is weatherproof and designed with a modern aesthetic. It also comes with two-way audio and night vision features that make it one of the best surveillance cameras out there. This is certainly a benefit for cautious individuals who have security concerns.

Eagle Eye SaaS

In addition to Eagle Eye networks, Eagle Eye is also the name of a SaaS company that hopes to transform marketing. This Eagle Eye creates software to connect retailers, the hospitality industry and brands to their consumers digitally. This software enables real-time performance marketing for increased performance and sales volume. If you own a business, this may be another Eagle Eye service that you may want to look into that does not require you to fix your slow internet to benefit from their services.

Are you a current Eagle eye networks customer? Do you have experience using Netbeans or their apps or products? Please share with us below what your experience has been thus far with the company.

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