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5 Easy Facebook Marketing Tips That Drive More Web Traffic

Many businesses, brands and profiles have a buzzing website. They might have the basic profiles for social media. Of course, you need to be utilizing your content to the maximum. In order to generate more traffic to your website, marketing on Facebook is essential. Here are some useful tips to marketing on Facebook that you can easily implement. As a result, you will get more referral traffic and visitors to your website.

Upload A Strong Cover Image And Profile Photo

This is your opportunity to brand your page. Use a strong image that represents what your page is about. All cover images are public which means everyone on Facebook can see them, even before they have liked your page – so this is your shop window, much like the banner on your website! Use consistent branding and change your cover photo regularly to see what your audience respond to the most. Do bear in mind that there are guidelines for Facebook cover photos such as they can’t be deceptive, misleading or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. Images must also not include more than 20% text or a direct call to action, web address or phone number. Your profile photo is what people will see in their timelines when you make a post, so make sure it includes your logo and stands out, even at a small size – you can even be creative and link it in with your cover design.

Claim Your Vanity URL

It is possible to claim an official username for your Facebook page so that it includes your company name instead of a long URL consisting of confusing numbers. This is much like using a domain generator and registering the name, grab it before anyone else can! It can only be changed once, so choose carefully and think long term. You can then direct people more easily to your Facebook page, and include a link to it on your website or business cards. To change the username, go to your Facebook page and click on ‘Edit Page’ in the top right navigation. Click ‘Change Username’, type in your preferred name and check availability. Then you are done!

Ensure Your Page Information Is Correct

The Facebook mobile app includes a feature called ‘Nearby Places’ and is one of the most used mobile apps for local search — the second after Google Maps, and a worthy competitor to Yelp. This means people can see what’s around them at their location, by browsing categories or searching for specific places. It is organised by a number of indicators such as friend’s EssayLab recommendations, check-ins and  star ratings. Once they find you they can see information such as your business hours, description, opening hours etc, as well as being able get directions, call you, check-in, like your page and visit your timeline. So as with local SEO, make sure you optimise your profile by including the relevant information.

Post Regularly With Engaging Content

Once you have your shiny new page ready, you need to post some content – and regularly. This will ensure you get engagement from your fans which is crucial if you are to get the most value from Facebook. You really won’t get much back from your followers if you only post once a week. However, Facebook users also unfollow a brand very quickly if they are posting too much. So experiment with the optimal number, as well as the best time of day to post. If you are a restaurant for example it might be best to post your latest menu item mid-morning to whet their appetite before lunch, or if you are a small business before 9 am might be better and not on a Monday when they are generally busy catching up with emails from the weekend. Users are there to have fun on their Facebook newsfeed, so make sure you give them something to enjoy in your posts and encourage engagement by directly asking a question. Linking back to your website in your posts is also crucial – don’t be frightened to ask your followers directly to like, share or comment and you will be amazed at the effect on your website traffic as a result!

Network With Other Facebook Pages

It can be exhausting trying to think of original content all the time for your page. Facebook lets Pages like other Pages, so find some local businesses to connect with who are complimentary to your own business and occasionally share their posts. You could also follow other experts and thought leaders in your industry. Try to find the right balance of content that will benefit your customers but not draw them away, or let these updates become more prominent over your own content. You can also @ mention the company or person in your status update to make them aware you have shared their content, and this can be a great networking tool / conversation starter as they thank you for sharing!

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