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6 Best Elcomsoft Alternatives To Prevent A Corporate Security Breach


Elcomsoft is an IT security company headquartered in Moscow, Russia. IT security is a big concern for many business owners. Elcomsoft offers solutions to issues regarding password protection, system recovery and wireless security. Unfortunately, Elcomsoft caters to the needs of government and intelligence agencies. Although it is an excellent security system, Elcomsoft may not be the IT security answer for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of other services, like Mirapoint, that you can improve your computer’s security. See below for some Elcomsoft alternative products and services for antispyware features and more.


Acronis is a hybrid cloud data protection business. They offer a variety of tools and services to ensure that your information is kept safe, because obfuscated code can only do so much. Like Elcomsoft, Acronis is dedicated to providing secure monitoring services and system recovery in the event of an attack or breach. Also similarly, Acronis offers a wide variety of protection services that can help fit your needs and budget. Currently, Acronis assists over 500,00 businesses with data protection. If you are a business owner in need of a series of IT security tools, Acronis may be the best choice for you.


Passware is a great option that offers a selection of Passware kits to choose from. The Passware Business kit is a great option for corporate security with full control over employee computers and files. However, that is not all the company offers. There are also a ton of products available for forensic investigators. The Passware Forensic Investigation kit provides all-in-one password recovery and encrypted evidence discovery in addition to features similar to Install Watch Pro. No matter what your needs, Passware is an excellent alternative for Elcomsoft to consider.

Symantec Norton Security Premium

The first step to computer security is as simple as a popular anti-virus system. Norton is a well known IT protection brand. Symantec Norton Security Premium offers protection for up to 10 devices at a time. If you are a small, start-up business, this could be an excellent security option for you. Like Elcomsoft and Acronis, Norton provides secure backup for your data centers in the event of an emergency. Additionally, Norton will warn you about risky apps before the download process has begun. This is an excellent tool to preventing a security breach. If you are a small business in need of some IT security, Norton could be the right choice for you.

Avast Endpoint Protection

Avast Endpoint Protection is a tool that has all the basics. Firewall, anti-virus and browsing protection are all included in this package. They also offer excellent web management options including remote installation, updates and real-time security alerts. Additionally, the price makes it perfect for small businesses. For just $534 you can receive IT security for 10 computers for two years. This averages to just over $20 per month for a whole slew of computer security. If you are a small business, this would be a great Elcomsoft alternative for you.


InsidePro software offers an excellent solution for hash cracking and webcam security, in particular. This security software is very similar to Elcomsoft however, it is not nearly as widely known. Thankfully, that does not mean that this software is not as good. InsidePro is one of the best corporate security solutions for password safety, hacking prevention and other useful tools. If you want a program that offers more than just password recovery, InsidePro software is the solution for your business.

A Great IT Team

Although all of these software options are important, nothing can truly beat a great IT team. The best way to protect your computers, and even your cracked phone, is with information technology professionals. They can help debug your systems in addition to protecting them. These individuals can provide you with personalized IT services, rather than a basic software. If you want expert quality, you must be willing to pay an expert price for an IT team that will protect your system. Elcomsoft works with experts in the field to develop their security technology. If you want that kind of security for your business, make sure you assemble a good team.

IT security is important to big and small businesses alike. Although Elcomsoft is focused on providing maximum security for government agencies, you can still keep your own business safe. Whether you are a small business using Norton or a big business paying for the best IT workers available, there are plenty of ways to protect your business.

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