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Easy Energy Saving Tips To Lower Your Monthly Bill Now


Our energy bills are soaring towards insanity, and that Masters in education does not pay nearly as well as it used to, but lowering our spending doesn’t have to be life changing. In fact, with a few slick tricks, minor modifications and just a tad of thinking “green”, you can slash your adversaries like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Advancements in environmentally friendly appliances are effective and resourceful solutions to cutting our dependence on energy, but they are also extremely expensive to install; for example, solar panels can cost between $15,000 to $30,000, energy-conserving light bulbs cost a pretty penny as well. And as much of us do care about the environment, sometimes the initial investment and upfront costs simply are not feasibly possible.

Investing In Energy Saving

To really save money on energy saving solutions, you have to be willing to make the initial investment. To benefit long term, you have to make sure that you do your research and avoid any scams that try to sell you false promises to save energy. Rather than be fooled, simply implement easy solutions to save energy through using more efficient appliances and products.

Simple Energy Saving Solutions

For those struggling to lower their dependence on energy, here are a few mundane suggestions to add a little inspiration for cutting down on your costs:

Wash Clothes In Cold Water

Another incredibly simple way to save energy and lower energy costs for your home without having to purchase expensive 1000base t-devices is to wash your clothes in cold water. You would be surprised at how much energy is wasted to heat the water you are washing your clothes in. You can save around $70 per year making the switch to cold water washing, and your clothes will last longer as well. This is one of the simplest energy saving tips to enact right away.

Change Your Thermostat

If you have an outdated thermostat, it is time to upgrade. Update to a new programmable thermostat. This will help you to save up to 10% each year on cooling and heating costs, unless you run semiconductors in your home or office. It will also help you start using environmentally friendly heating and cooling habits. This is one energy saving tip you can easily implement soon.

Clean and Open Your Vents

For homeowners with a central air conditioning and/or heat, make sure to routinely check the vents throughout your home to make sure they are open and clean. You may even want to hire beeline services to do it for you. Most of us assume the vents are open at all times, but in fact, this is common misconception. Once you make sure all your vents are open, energy will have a much easier time cooling down your home.

Quick Tip: Closing your vents when air conditioning is not in use does NOT save energy.

Additionally, make sure to visit your local hardware store and purchase (in bulk) air filters; each month your vent’s air filters should be replaced regardless of whether you own a robot factory or a small apartment. Do this to keep out dust, dirt and other miscellaneous debris, which prevents airflow to efficiently circulate—costing you more on your energy bill.

Home Entertainment, Electronics and Other Appliances

When it comes to home entertainment and electronic devices, the greatest fault lies within our innate instinct to be lazy. Many of these devices are delivered by high tech freight solutions. Yet, we hardly think of all the savings they can offer us.

Between “always on” desktop computers, television sets, cable boxes, video games, toasters, electric kettles, lava lamps, and other Macbook accessories, we simply can’t seem to turn them off when they are not in use.

Quick Tip: Opportunities provided by Directv deals offer television connoisseurs a plethora of diverse, premier entertainment options for an economical rate.  

Obviously, unplugging each and every electrical device like a good smartphone battery charger or home appliance when not in use can be a time-consuming, annoying choir; however, try to rearrange as many devices within proximity of each other and install a power strip which allows you to turn off multiple appliances at once.

Laundry Machines

Cutting energy costs during laundry duty is one of the easiest solutions and requires very little effort to achieve; essentially, there are two ways to reduce the energy exerted for washing clothes: 1.) Use less water 2.) Use cooler water

Except for greasy and oily stains, use the warm or cold water setting on your washer no matter whether you live in Kings Park or Sydney; according to LG Electronics, “heating the water in the wash drum accounts for about 90% of the energy your machine uses.”

Other Tips

  • Measure the appropriate water-level setting depending on the size of the load.
  • Use your machine’s moisture sensor; don’t over-dry your clothes.
  • After drying each load, remove and clean lint screen.
  • Use the cool-down setting when drying load is almost finished; heat will still be trapped for several minutes during this time.
  • Research the type of fabric each of clothing item; many materials can be air-dried.



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