Saturday , 23 September 2023

5 Essential Restaurant Technology Trends Changing The Kitchen

It seems like almost every industry is investing in digital technology, including restaurants. Many restaurant owners are investing in technology to leverage data, streamline processes and create better experiences for their customers. While most people think of going to a restaurant and ordering their favorite meal, most of the action happens on the back end, in the kitchen and behind the scenes. The most successful owners invest in essential restaurant technology to streamline the entire operation. To learn about these important technologies, keep reading below.

Scheduling Shifts For People

Technology makes tracking your staff’s schedule as easy as possible. There are many roles and responsibilities to keep track of while the restaurant is open to customers. Managers, chefs, servers and bartenders all play a significant role in the success of a restaurant. A simple scheduling software can keep everyone’s shifts in order. This saves a lot of stress from missing a person or being short-staffed for the day. By investing in scheduling technology, restaurants can make sure they have the right people ready to run the back and front of the house at any time.

Technology For Inventory Tracking

There are many software and technologies available to track restaurant inventory. Every restaurant needs to have all the ingredients, supplies and materials to serve their food. If you ever run out of an ingredient, it can really throw off the entire kitchen. Instead of having someone run out to buy the necessary inventory, an automated system would allow you to identify low inventory levels. One of the common automation trends, the technology allows you to automate ordering so you can track and manage inventory easily in the restaurant kitchen.

Kitchen Display Systems Replace Tickets

In many restaurants, the display technology is changing how ticket orders are handled. Kitchen display systems (KDS) allow kitchen staff to see orders as they are placed. Having a kitchen display system allows everyone to see what food should be prepared next. It helps chefs see the time and track when food is taking too long to prepare. This technology can certainly speed up the cooking time for your restaurant. As a result, customers have lower wait times and you can turn more tables. Certainly, these kitchen display systems can make a huge difference in the success of a restaurant.

POS Systems With Splitting Features

Restaurants can improve the checkout process by allowing their customers to pay with the latest POS technology. Many of the new and improved point of sale terminals allow customers to pay bills at the table without the help of a server. The customers can easily pay using credit card, splitting the bill if they would like to. Since so many people go to restaurants with friends and family, POS technology can make it easy for them to pay together and leave when they are ready.

Track Order History Of Customers

On the back end, restaurant technology gives owners the ability to tap into data insights. When all of the kitchen activities and orders are tracked into one system, the information can deliver surprising results. For example, restaurant analytics can show how many times a menu item is ordered each week. When an item is new on the menu, it will be much easier to tell how it is performing and if people are ordering it again. This is a great way that restaurant data can be used to optimize the restaurant from the kitchen outwards.

The restaurant technology trends are unlocking the true potential of the people and their kitchen. It allows customers to have the best experience possible because the operations of the restaurant are running smoothly. Restaurant technology offers solutions for scheduling, inventory management, kitchen orders, payments and order history. Take advantage of the latest restaurant technology for a highly effective kitchen and staff.

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