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Top Digital Banking Institutions To Use For Advanced Financial Solutions

Digital-banking-platformsWith the rise of digital banking, fueled by the original growth of online banking, there are many banking platform providers to choose from. This is not an easy decision for a company. Any financial institution will have to decide if they want to develop their digital technologies in house, outsource the application development or create strategic partners. The institutions also must factor in the costs, time-frames and desired benefits of integrated digital technology.

As the industry of banking technology has grown, more advanced solutions are becoming available. Year after year, new digital innovations use existing technology to change the way customers can bank.  Some of the most established names are mentioned below.

DBS Bank

DBS Bank is one of the absolute best digital banks in the financial services industry. DBS was awarded the title of best digital bank from Euromoney, a financial services magazine. DBS is based in Singapore, but is available to you no matter where you live in the world. The bank’s business goal is to banks to go entirely digital. If you want to use the services of the best digital bank in existence, consider DBS digital bank.

Digital Insight

Formally known as into it financial services group, the company is focusing on servicing financial institutions for better banking on multiple online and mobile platforms. The banking institution offers much more than just a minisite for depositing and withdrawing money. You may want to check out some of their additional financial services.

First Data

Focusing on a user-friendly online banking platform first data focuses on the users experience while offering a powerful banking solution. They emphasize security, support and performance. In cost savings.


An award-winning banking solutions provider, to serve aims to attract new customers while providing an enriched online experience. This banking service helps users add more money to their BASICS wallet and increase profits by offering banking transactions, self-service functions and additional features.

If you decide to develop your banking solutions in house, here’s a good end goal:

First Trade

Here’s a great example of a financial institution that have decided to develop in-house. They released their own digital banking platform that can be used by customers and businesses alike. This is a great solution for any user, as long as you have the best antivirus 2016 software to make sure your data is secure. Private platforms can be advantageous to develop proprietary digital competencies to edge out the competition.

Digital Banking 2016

This past year has been a breakout year for digital banking, and American Banker’s conference this year proved just that. The conference was entirely dedicated to digital banking of today and looking forward to new innovations for the future. There were many keynote speakers enlisted to speak at the event, and the topics they covered ranged from customer interactions and experiences, current operating platforms and modern-day implementations. If this popular conference does not convince you of the importance of jumping aboard the digital banking train, nothing else will. Consider visiting next year’s conference if you are still unsure.

Whether you decide to use a digital banking platform from a provider or in-house, the demand is there. Users have proven that they like having the accessibility to manage their money from all of their devices. If you haven’t already started to integrate this within your institution, you’re missing out on something your customers truly want.

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