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5 Exclusive Windows Server Datacenter Features For Simpler Hosting

Windows server software presents options to administrators in need of a host server management tools. There are two types of Windows server solutions – Windows Server Standard Edition and Windows Server Datacenter Edition. Most website administrators opt for the standard edition, because of the lower price point. However, there are certain advantages to using Windows Server Datacenter software to host and manage your website. Find out the the Windows Server Datacenter software features that will better enable you to maximize website performance in the post below.

Storage Spaces Direct

Windows Server Datacenter edition software includes a new, exclusive feature called Storage Spaces Direct. The storage spaces direct features makes it possible to pool server hard disks without the need to buy SSD. These capabilities are similar to those offered by hard drive virtualization. This eliminates the need for a SAN, or storage area network, for website management purposes. With these Windows Server Datacenter software features, you can pool up to 200 disks from 12 different servers. Ultimately, this is a feature that will simplify the process of managing server storage for your small to medium sized website. That is why the software is such a favorable choice for webpage administrators like yourself.

Host Guardian Service

The Host Guardian Service features are exclusive to Windows Server Datacenter edition software. And, they can really make a difference in the day-to-day workflow of webpage administrators. The HGS server role enables Hyper-V to run shielded virtual machines. This is possible because the host guardian service tools provide attestation and key protection services. These are two components necessary for running shielded virtual machines. The host guardian service features of Windows Server Datacenter software will improve cyber security for all of the online assets you manage. That is one of the reasons that Datacenter edition software is a better choice for website management.

Storage Replica

Storage replica features include tools that make the Datacenter software a much better option over the Windows Server standard edition for web administrators. This storage replica technology makes it possible to replicate volumes between servers or clusters. Obviously, this can come in handy for website management, as it has for Columbia House users. These tools are the perfect disaster recovery tools to ensure that your website stays up and running, no matter what human error is made. In fact, Datacenter storage replica capabilities support both synchronous and asynchronous replication for zero loss disaster recovery. No matter what your website latency, you can benefit from the storage replica features offered by Windows Server Datacenter software.

Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking features are included in the Datacenter edition of Windows Server software. This is one of the many reasons why the Datacenter edition is better for website administration tasks. SDN features make it possible for web administrators like yourself to configure and manage both physical and virtual network devices in your datacenter setup. Using these SDN tools allows you to better integrate virtual networks and physical networks. Ultimately, that makes it easier to manage your website and all its various components, both physical and virtual. All website administrators and owners should understand the benefits these software defined networking tools provide. That is why Windows Server Datacenter applications are a much better fit for website administrative tasks.

Shielded Virtual Machines

Windows Server Datacenter users benefit from shielded virtual machine capabilities. These tools make it possible to create containers; both Hyper-V containers and Windows containers alike. In turn, these containers provide additional cyber security protections and encryption options for websites. This makes it much easier to protect your website from hacking and other cyber threats. This is not a feature that you gain access to as a Windows Server Standard edition software user. That is why you should certainly be wise to choose the Windows Server Datacenter software to help you manage your website and the administrative responsibilities it brings.

If you are a webpage administrator, you may be in need of a new host server. If that is the case, Windows Server solutions are available to you but, you will need to choose between the two Windows Server software editions. The Windows Server Datacenter software edition is a much better choice for web administrators like yourself, even if your Quake Live blog website does not get as much traffic as you would like. The Windows Server Datacenter tools detailed above are sure to make it easier to manage any website. Keep these features in mind when you are considering switching hosts for your website. Then, you can ensure a smooth transition to hosting your website with Windows Server Datacenter edition software by getting the best hosting tools and website administration tools around. Good luck!

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