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5 Features AR Developers Need In An SDK

AR developers require various features in Software Development Kits (SDKs). As an Augmented Reality developer yourself, you are constantly searching for the best SDK. Perhaps you are currently trying to create the next hit augmented reality mobile app. To do so, you must first determine the best tools for development. Below, you will find the features AR developers need in Software Development Kits.

Crash Reporting

Crash reporting alleviates a large amount of stress for AR developers. Consumers are looking for the AR mobile apps that offer the most ease. The least problematic apps are the ones that appear first in the app store. Crashed sessions automatically lower your chances of ranking high. Fortunately, crashed sessions are easily fixable. Simply look for a crash reporting tool within an SDK. The feature offers automatic crash detection. If you are able to detect the problem easily, you can fix it quickly. Therefore, AR developers will have a greater chance of maintaining a great mobile app with a crash reporting feature.

Cloud Recognition

Another feature AR developers need in an SDK is cloud recognition. Markers play a significant role in augmented reality apps. The best AR mobile apps have a lot of markers. Therefore, one of your goals should be to utilize a lot of markers. With cloud recognition, you can do just that. It provides a higher capacity of marker storage. If you choose an SDK with cloud recognition, you will have the power to create more advanced AR experiences for consumers.

3D Image Tracking

Advanced AR experiences can also be created with a great 3D image tracking tool. Image tracking creates your imagined world for consumers. With proper tracking, AR developers are able to manipulate various buildings and rooms. Apps can recognize smaller 3D subjects with the feature as well. Mobile users are constantly moving. Therefore, their location and the objects around them are changing. Since mobile app AR developers are targeting mobile users, 3D image tracking is necessary.

Feature Request Collector

AR developers, look for a feature request collector within an SDK. With this feature, you will be able to ensure customer satisfaction. A feature request collector is a tool that allows users to provide feedback while developing app ideas. Users submit feature requests from within your app. Then, you locate and review them all in one place. After reading through them, you can make alterations as needed. Easily accessible feedback allows you to constantly improve your augmented reality mobile app. Hence, a feature request collector tool is fundamental.

User Notes

Lastly, choose an SDK that offers user notes as a feature. User notes is yet another customer service feature that optimizes AR developers’ applications. Unlike the feature request collector tool, a user notes feature allows AR developers to take action. You can draw attention to the new features you create. Send survey invitations and coupons to customers with a notes tool. Highlight available app upgrades. The user notes feature offers AR developers numerous ways to engage with users. The outcome is a better-performing app. Ensure you work with an SDK that provides a user notes feature.

AR developers rely on SDK tools to assist them in creating brilliant startup mobile apps in augmented reality. As an AR developer, you need to understand which tools to look for. Firstly, consider crash reporting. Secondly, search for cloud recognition in the features section of SDKs. 3D image tracking is a crucial feature as well. A feature request collector tool allows for user engagement. Likewise, a user notes feature also enables great customer service. You now understand the best features AR developers need in an SDK.

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