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5 Features The Best SVOD Platforms Have To Offer

There are several features the best SVOD platforms have to offer. Today, the video streaming industry is worth over $5 billion. Undoubtedly, TV viewers are turning to subscription video on demand (SVOD) instead of cable TV. Indeed, many users switch to these platforms to avoid costly cable bills and pay-per-view services. Simultaneously, they only pay for the content they want. As an app user, you should familiarize yourself with the different features SVOD platforms have to offer. This way, you can decide which platform is the best option for you to stream your favorite content. Read on to learn about the features the best SVOD platforms have to offer.


First, the best SVOD platforms offer user-friendly catalogs for accessing content. Typically, video streaming services offer original TV series and movies to form a high-quality content library. In addition, they often highlight their Emmy-winning shows to hook in new users. This way, the streaming platform can offer more than just their standalone services to compete with existing competition. Additionally, popular platforms often release old shows from the grave to build a compelling library. For example, some platforms bring back shows from networks or platforms that no longer exist. Furthermore, the top platforms offer lineups of local news, sports and lifestyle channels in their library. Plus, all you need to access the platform is a simple media streaming device. Surely, you should consider downloading a platform that includes a strong library of your favorite content.

Diverse Media Options

Next, you will find diverse media options featured on the best SVOD platforms. These diverse media options can include various types of TV series and movies, unique streaming options and different broadcast network shows. Notably, some SVOD platforms offer original theatrical-quality feature films. In addition, these platforms often spend billions of dollars each year to release their own scripted and unscripted content. Additionally, you should have next day access to new episodes of prime-time TV shows from many different networks. Of course, the best SVOD platforms should offer your diverse media options to stream.


In addition, the best SVOD platforms offer a downloads feature. Many streaming services are incorporating download now and play later capabilities into their applications. Therefore, you can download any show episode or movie right onto your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Although,, some steaming platforms offer the ability to install on desktop as an alternative download. This way, you can watch your favorite content offline anytime and even on the go. For example, if you take the subway to work, you can download your favorite show and binge it without a WIFI connection. Keep in mind that these platforms usually only offer a limited selection of downloadable content. Sometimes, shows do not offer platforms the right to offline their shows and movies. Certainly, look for streaming platforms that offer you a downloads feature.


Additionally, customization is another feature the best SVOD platforms have to offer. You can use the customization feature to create your own streaming experience and take control over the app. Of course, you can control the playback speed for any TV show or movie you watch. In addition, you can change both the subtitles and audio language for most content. For example, there are many shows and movies available from other countries that you’ll have to change the playback language to understand the plot. Additionally, access the general application settings to monitor the privacy, ads options and layout. Plus, watch your content with the picture-in-picture view if you stream from a mobile device or tablet. In short, there are many customization features in the best SVOD platforms.

Pricing Options

Furthermore, the best SVOD platforms offer multiple pricing options features. Choose the best pricing plan based on your streaming preferences and habits. Typically, the best platforms offer a free trial when you first sign up. These typically last anywhere from a week to a month. In addition, some platforms have a free plan that you can use as long as you want. Keep in mind that these plans usually only offer the basic version of the platform. Additionally, select a varied access option based on the level of content you wish to access. For example, some platforms require you to pay a higher monthly fee based on how many seasons you wish to access from your favorite shows. Although, downloading shows can be expensive in terms of storage, you can always invest in thumb drives to save money. Definitely, you should consider the various pricing options when you subscribe to the best SVOD platforms.

There are several features the best SVOD platforms have to offer. First, these platforms offer original catalogs that showcase their most popular, award-winning shows. Next, you can access diverse media options from unscripted originals to top prime time television shows. In addition, you can download your favorite shows to watch offline on the go. Additionally, you can change various settings within the application to customize how you watch your content. Furthermore, select the best pricing option that aligns with your streaming preferences and needs. Here are several features the best SVOD platforms have to offer.

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