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5 Features Of The Best High Tech Workplace Coffee Machine For The Office

There are several features of the best high tech workplace coffee machine for the office. For most companies, there is a fresh smell of coffee first thing in the morning. Depending on the type of coffee machine, many employees have a cup before getting started for work. As a business owner, you should consider upgrading your commercial coffee set up. Presently, you may have a traditional coffee maker, pod-coffee maker or french-press machine. Consider buying a new machine through Amazon sellers. In any case, here are the top features of the best high tech coffee machine to add to your office.

Pod Capabilities

High tech workplace coffee machines should include pod capabilities. With pod features, you can brew any type or flavor with pre-made coffee grounds. Open the top cartridge of the versatile machine and place in your preferred pod. When warmed up and ready to brew, use the machine’s one-touch selection properties to start brewing your coffee. Of course, choose what size you want, small, medium or large. More so, pod integrated machines provide rapid-brew technology. This is a great feature for an office coffee machine as it takes only minutes to brew any coffee you want. Certainly, the best high tech workplace coffee machine should feature pod capabilities.

Multi-Functional Technology

Of course, the best workplace coffee machine can satisfy all office needs with its multi-functional technology. Most advanced machines require two back compartments to be filled with coffee beans. From there, intricate built-in technology can create over 30 types of coffee. These include espresso, cappuccino, ristretto and latte macchiato. Usually, these multi-functional machines have a thin-film transistor (TFT) color display for simplified operations and easy coffee selection. More so, two thermoblock heating systems allow for custom temperatures for milk and coffee. Furthermore, there are variable dual spouts so you can create two milk specialties or coffees at once. In fact, when required, there is an automatic switchover technology within the milk spouts to change it to milk foam. Certainly, a high tech workplace coffee machine should have features to make multiple coffee types.

Cloud Management

Another top feature of the best office coffee machine is cloud management. Of course, fix your company’s slow internet before investing in a smart coffee machine. Cloud features can relay machine related data to your office’s systems, smart devices and mobile phones. You can see when it was last cleaned, what ingredients need to be filled and what part of the day it is mostly used. More so, since the technology lets employees see when the machine is being used, it enhances operation time management. Definitely, get a high-tech workplace coffee machine with cloud management features for your office.

Programmable Features

If your business runs on a tight schedule, a top coffee machine for your office should include programmable features. With programmable features, everyone can make a perfect cup of coffee. Adjust the coffee temperature as wanted and choose your preferred brew strength. Many businesses use machines with programmable features as you can set a timer every day. Set the timer for every 24-hours to have your coffee ready at the same time every day. In fact, you can customize the machine to turn off if it hasn’t been used between 0-4 hours. Your business can save energy and money. Certainly get a machine with programmable features for your office.

Simple Displays

Finally, the best high tech workplace coffee machine integrates simple display features. There are different displays that can make the workplace run more efficiently. With HD touchscreen color display, you can see the coffee you want to make and simply click it. You may be brought to another screen to customize your coffee temperature and size. Additionally, many machines have a vertical TFT screen with large, easy to use preparation buttons that simplify the coffee making process for the office. Of course, some machines include one-touch functions to make specialty drinks. Definitely invest in a high tech office coffee machine with simple displays.

There are several features of the best in-office high tech workplace coffee machine. Ensure you invest in surge absorbers when plugging in your machine. A popular feature is pod capabilities. Choose any coffee type or flavor by inserting a single pre-made pod into the high tech machine. Of course, pick a machine that can make multiple coffee types to satisfy all employee needs with thermoblock heating systems, TFT color display and automatic milk foam technology. Consider a machine with cloud management features so your employees know when the machine has been cleaned, if its in use, and what needs to be refilled. Certainly, get a machine with programmable features to brew a coffee as wanted, set a recurring timer and save energy. Finally, consider investing in a coffee machine with simple displays for easier and faster brewing. These are the top features of the best high tech workplace coffee machine for the office.

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