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Where Can You Find a Coding Mentor?

Many people know that selecting a suitable academic institution and major is the first step to build a successful career. Considering the fact that the world has experienced many business digital technological advancements, students pay attention to specialties connected with high technologies. Web development runs the table when it comes to high-paid jobs that can provide you with a wide range of perks. That’s why young people do their best to learn how to code at a decent level. It is a time-consuming process since coding requires sound knowledge in different areas. Fortunately, those who don’t have much time for practice can always read a paymetodoyourhomework review and find a reliable helper who can clear up a tight schedule. Thus, they have a chance to watch another thematic video or take a suitable online course. However, sometimes, students find themselves on a dead-end street when they don’t have anyone to clarify certain moments. The best solution is to find a coding mentor who will help boost the learning process and progress.

What Is a Coding Mentor and What They Do?

In most cases, a coding mentor is a person who has sound knowledge and practical experience in programming and web development. It can be anyone who possesses the required qualities and is willing to help you evolve. Such people will not explain every trifle like college teachers, but they will have your back, when necessary, answer questions, provide valuable pieces of advice, and maybe even help you find your first job. However, you shouldn’t treat your mentor as the only source of learning but rather as a helping hand. If you lack such a person in your life, you can follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks on finding one.

Where Can You Find the Right Person?

When you are at the very beginning of your’ journey,’ searching for a suitable mentor may seem a real challenge. However, the very secret is where to look for such a person. Unequal knowledge background and experience level may require different approaches, so a rookie and an advanced specialist will have to look for a coding mentor in separate places. We’ll consider a wide range of possible options so that you can find something suitable despite your background experience.


Newcomers who want to plunge into the fascinating world of coding should search for full-time coding bootcamps. A price tag is perhaps the biggest drawback of such an option, but you will constantly interact with a qualified mentor and go through a well-tailored curriculum. If you are not ready to attend an in-person bootcamp, you can search for specialized programs like Bloc designed on a similar working principle.

Online Communities

If you want to gain experience and stand out from the crowd over time, you should plunge into the online coding world. You can register on websites to join the existing community of professional and semi-professional open source coders who can become your inspiration source. They will help you enrich your vocabulary and become more confident. Besides, such places are full of potential mentors.

In-Person Coding Events

Metropolises represent a concentration of different events, so the chances are high that you can come across an active coding community that arranges meetings every now and then. You should stay open for new opportunities since such platforms as An Event Apart can become a stunning starting point for events in big cities. Nowadays, they take place online, so you will need just high-speed internet to get the best out of it.

Online Posting

A coding mentor is a person who can provide you with useful feedback, pointing out your mistakes. It is especially important when you develop your first portfolio. You can find such people on specialized websites like Github and share your code there. Don’t be shy to engage in conversations and interact with specialists.

Reaching Out to Possible Mentors Directly

If you know a few great coders who motivate and inspire you, feel free to reach out to them directly in any suitable way. They could even teach a course at a coding academy. Maybe they have accounts on LinkedIn or Twitter or some other social media platforms. You will hardly find the right mentor if you stand still and wait for a miracle. Even if you have no idea who it can be, you can do research or turn to some people in the know to get some info.

Engaging Your Network

A well-developed network is one of the best things you can make in life because sometimes connections are more valuable and beneficial than money. Thus, if you have friends or acquaintances who work in the field of your interest, it can be useful to reach out to them and ask for recommendations.

Local Coding Meetups

When you have some coding experience under the belt and can call yourself a web developer or software engineer, you can start attending meetups arranged by well-known IT companies or the local community. It can be a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people interested in the same activity, develop new contacts, and come across potential mentors.

Chatting with Colleagues

Getting a mentor is a widespread practice in different spheres, so the chances are high that one of your colleagues can steer you in the right direction. Have you ever heard about six degrees of separation? It suggests that you can be six or fewer social connections away from the right person. Thus, it is worth using every opportunity to achieve the goal. Of course, your colleague can be proficient in coaching and mentoring.

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